Return of the Rant

I have always written, it began with a faithful affair with my pink glittery diary as a 9 year old which then lead to spilling words on to a blog I created at university, it was shabby but I cherish it boundlessly and now I have this space I absolutely adore. What I am trying to say is that over the years I have found solace in simply expressing myself by writing, because here, with you I … Continue reading Return of the Rant

A Christmas Gift Guide| For Her

Congratulations to the super organised folks who have already finished their christmas shopping, those like me who aren’t there yet, read on! I’ve put together a gift guide for us wonderful women who love a little bit of sophistication and a little bit of indulgence! I’ve tried to put together ideas women of every age group will like and relish. Every year for Christmas I clearly … Continue reading A Christmas Gift Guide| For Her