Take the first step!

About three years ago, on a sunny day, I casually skipped into town and went into Debenhams, accidentally stopped at the Dior beauty counter and was overwhelmed by the hospitality and magic of makeup. I left the shop a few hundred pounds poorer but feeling like an absolute diva, and so my makeup journey officially commenced. Ever since, my life changed a little bit, time … Continue reading Take the first step!

Why not say Goodbye?

I’ve been sleeping like a baby lately, bedtime is 9pm and I usually wake up at 5:30. This amazes my husband who cannot believe how blissfully I sleep. Good sleep has meant I’ve mostly been very calm and happy, I’ve allowed myself time to think and be grateful which is very important. The weather unlike my thoughts has been very inconsistent, sometimes flirting with gorgeous sunny … Continue reading Why not say Goodbye?

Return of the Rant

I have always written, it began with a faithful affair with my pink glittery diary as a 9 year old which then lead to spilling words on to a blog I created at university, it was shabby but I cherish it boundlessly and now I have this space I absolutely adore. What I am trying to say is that over the years I have found solace in simply expressing myself by writing, because here, with you I … Continue reading Return of the Rant