Take the first step!

About three years ago, on a sunny day, I casually skipped into town and went into Debenhams, accidentally stopped at the Dior beauty counter and was overwhelmed by the hospitality and magic of makeup. I left the shop a few hundred pounds poorer but feeling like an absolute diva, and so my makeup journey officially commenced. Ever since, my life changed a little bit, time … Continue reading Take the first step!

A Christmas Gift Guide| For Her

Congratulations to the super organised folks who have already finished their christmas shopping, those like me who aren’t there yet, read on! I’ve put together a gift guide for us wonderful women who love a little bit of sophistication and a little bit of indulgence! I’ve tried to put together ideas women of every age group will like and relish. Every year for Christmas I clearly … Continue reading A Christmas Gift Guide| For Her

If Our jobs were like the Seasons..

I was walking back from work today so got sometime to think, I do enjoy my own company, and I hope that doesn’t sound too narcissistic!?I noticed the signs of Autumn and I thought what if our jobs were like the seasons… Warm carefree Summer that was only meant for colours and creativity. Boundless imagination that wasn’t contained by narrow conventional thinkers. Where naivety was … Continue reading If Our jobs were like the Seasons..