5 Fun Activities to do with kids for Christmas

5 Fun Activities to do with kids for Christmas

If you are new to the blog then hello! I am a mummy to a 3 year old and share a little bit about lifestyle, fashion and food here on my blog! If you have been here before then also hello and you are probably thinking I have left it a little bit too late to write this post as it is the 20th of December(nearly Christmas) and these ideas would’ve been more useful earlier; well! you are right, I have left it a little bit too late but hopefully some of you will still find it useful over the holidays, and if not so much this year, then there is always 2021! So here are my top 5 fun activities to do with kids for Christmas…

  • Putting the Christmas decorations up is an entire weekend affair at ours, this year I decided to also decorate Ella’s bedroom for Christmas introducing a bit of Christmas vibes. Its a fun thing to do as a family with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate
  • Make Christmas cards: I bought the ready made cards online and then planned simple designs that Ella could do herself with a little help from mummy, she really enjoyed it and we now have handmade cards for our family and friends!
  • Make Salt Dough ornaments (linked here)
5 Fun Activities to do with kids for Christmas: Salt Dough Ornaments
  • Make Christmas Cookies (recipe linked here)
  • Take your Holiday card photo or do a princess/superhero themed photoshoot with your little one

My other go to activities are kitchen disco with lots of Christmas tunes, winter welly walks, watching Christmas films together and reading little Christmas book snuggled up on the sofa. What are your Christmas traditions, do drop me a comment below if you happen to land on my blog?


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