Ella’s 2nd Birthday

Ella’s 2nd Birthday

Time has gone so quick and it is hard to believe that the little baby we brought home from the hospital two years ago is now 2. Being a parent is just such a wonderful gift, I have loved being a mummy and Ella is such a funny and cheeky little girl with lots of personality, giggles and love to give.

A little bit about our 2 year old Ella- she loves eating broccoli, her favourite food also includes pasta and ice cream. Her best friends are Amy and Ralph and she enjoys reading books and feeding the fish in the pond. She is funny and will repeat almost anything you say. She’s obsesses with little babies and cuddles her little toys and looks after them. She is clever and knows her colours and animal sounds very well, she adores kitty cats and dogs. I could go on about her, just like any other mummy who loves talking about their child haha.

This year we organised a Secret Garden themed party for Ella. It was a gorgeous sunny day, with the family, a lemon drizzle birthday cake made by my sister (Ella calls her didi) and lots of delicious food on the barbecue.

Here are some pictures from the day, I hope you find some inspiration for a party you may be planning.

The Secret Garden

The Dessert table

Cupcakes, cookies and small cake made by mummy, Main birthday cake made by Didi (my sister)

The Bar

A little drinks bar with a bar menu
Lucky girl with lots of beautiful cards

More from the party

Living her best life
Ella sang herself the happy birthday song xx
Ella loved her paddling pool
Ella posing with Mummy
Mummy, Ella and Nanny Sue
Aunty Lisa, Baby Mila, Mummy and Ella


Snigdha xx


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  1. September 2, 2019 / 10:55 pm

    hi lovely idea. where did you get the crates for the garden sitting area.

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