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Wearing the harper dress by Baukjen and talking about life lately

It has been a month of ups and ups and for that I couldn’t be more grateful! I have had some amazing opportunities at work, grown stronger in confidence from the challenges I have faced into and we are in July which means bring on the sunshine. I have consciously made more time for my family and resumed running which gives me a big sense of accomplishment. However, I still have part of my heart that aches and mind that worries that I am not doing enough, in my career as well as blogging.

I have to be honest, my blog and instagram have been neglected for a bit and for that I feel sad but almost not sorry because I spent the last month or so completely immersed in bigger challenges that needed my full attention. Having said that I feel honoured and proud to still see my readers faithfully return to my blog and instagram and engage with my content and I do see the drop in engagement too but I know that life, it just ebbs and flows, and ups and downs will always, inevitably be a part of it. So I have accepted it and I will just carry on with the hustle, with more hope in my heart than ever.

At work, I am constantly challenging myself, asking myself where I want to be in 10 years time and if my present is the right route to my future. As a result I feel I don’t celebrate my successes enough because I swiftly move on to finding my next thing! There is always a burning desire to find myself a place in this big corporate world! And some evenings I lose sleep to ambition, because I am thinking too much, too excited about the life that is about to happen and the things that I want to do. The desire to fling open every door of opportunities, to throw myself fully into them, to pursue creativity and dreams whilst never compromising on life, to live a life full of travel, family-time, and pursuing creativity at whim.

So, with all that history, I just want to say that I’m determined to keep this website alive, because instagram just doesn’t feel enough, it is unforgiving and ruthless and the tiny squares of pictures I share, they become irrelevant in a matter of a few hours but this, this website is a cosy, happy and real space for me to share my life and online presence with you in a way that is unabridged and relatable. I hope these stories will live longer here and perhaps you’ll come back and look at them again and we will get to know each other better.

And finally, while spending cash on fashion will never in my eyes be an ‘investment’ – I will say this : Baukjen pieces are to wear forever, so go buy one (or many!) because there couldn’t be a more elegant dress to have in your wardrobe!

Wearing the HARPER DRESS by Baukjen [AD]


Snigdha xx

The Harper dress by Baukjen
Dress: Baukjen | Shoes: Zara | Bag : Bvlgari | Belt: Gucci
The Harper dress by Baukjen
The Harper dress by Baukjen
The Harper dress by Baukjen



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