Being Social on Social Media

Why Social Media is bad for you

Instagram, you’ve been very uninspiring lately! Or may be it is just me, I haven’t felt a connection with instagram or any social media channels for that matter and being social on social media has felt like a burden. And as a result I have withdrawn myself from it because I have been a huge advocate of switching off to strike a balance etc. But today as I was scrolling through Instagram a few things really spoke to me..

The constant pressure

Once you start blogging and have an instagram presence you marry a ‘speed/momentum’ that you cannot divorce, it is almost like the carousel never stops and if you do decide to put your foot down and get off it, then you will most likely struggle to get back on it, because in the time where you are cultivating a healthy and much needed offline life, your engagement plummets! So what happens as a result- most bloggers face a constant pressure to have an online presence even though they don’t really feel up to it.

The Not-so real content

I feel this is just a by product of the social media pressure. I mean how many times have people criticised the content on social media as being far from reality- innumerable times?To be fair most people start out with a good intention, they work hard- get up early in the morning, plan their outfits, get a photographer, go out for a shoot- I mean it all takes effort! Content creation is a time consuming process but when you do it powered by creativity it is enjoyable and fulfilling. However, I’ve felt that when the pressure to have an online presence increases, the creative freedom aspect of it abandons you and you then just work for the sake of it! So how is that going to lead to real, authentic content on the internet?

Are we really being social?

Well, this has always been at the back of mind, why has democracy and the power to choose what I see been taken away from the users- the users- read it aloud -USERS-the beings that make Instagram – the same beings without whom Instagram is well just a dead app in the AppStore! So why has their opinion being boldly muted? Why does an a complex algorithm decide who should feature on my feed? Because in my view that entirely defeats the purpose of social media.

Short rant over and out! But to take home I’d say, let us learn to draw a line when needed and to know when the time is right to do so!


Skirt: HnM (last season)

Blouse: Zara

Bag: Gucci


Snigdha xx


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