4 Spring Essential Trends of 2019

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Spring essential trends

Spring is a distraction, a charming invitation to a lot of hope, sunshine, colours and excitement, excitement for the slow transition into Summer! So what does Spring mean to you? In the most practical terms it means a good wardrobe clear out, packing the big winter coats away and extending the freshness of the season in to what we wear. I have however, over the years realised that the exercise of a wardrobe clear out is becoming more and more tedious due to the ever so increasing mountain of clothes that I possess. So this Spring I am being a diligent shopper, understanding some striking trends while also balancing them with sustainability and the amount of wear I would get out of them. So in my opinion here are the 4 Spring essential trends to keep in mind while you are out shopping. And as I always say buy a gem or two every season that you’ll keep for years to come and cherish and adore and perhaps pass it down to your daughter as a vintage one day!

Spring essential trends

Suit & Blouse : Reiss, Swindon Designer outlet

The Pastel Poem!

I have always been a fan of pastel toned clothing and that is one reason I absolutely adore the warmer months, you can introduce so many different shades of pastels in one outfit and they all swing together in perfect harmony. So go get yourself some pastel pieces this spring and paint a pretty picture with your outfit.

Where to shop: Ted Baker at the Swindon Designer outlet is a haven for all things pastel resonating perfectly with the spring essential trends.

Snigdha Parijat Bircher in Reiss
Snigdha Parijat Bircher

Be a Flower

With all the colourful blooms around you in the season, why not wear a few! Bold floral prints in dark colours have flooded the market and I am not surprised! The catch however, is to find a print and colour that suits you and striking a balance, whether it means going all bold and flowery with a floral dress or just introducing a Bardot floral top with distressed denim, there are endless possibilities around..

Where to shop: The Reiss and Mint Velvet stores at the Swindon Designer Outlet have beautiful floral prints that are perfect for a Spring/Summer wedding.

Reiss Capsule wardrobe and Spring essential trends
Spring essential trends

The Utility trend

Where comfort meets femininity, this season sees a classic blend of beautifully tailored boiler suits and cargo pants with a touch of utility and style. If this is not your territory then I urge you to push your boundaries, pick a basic item that you see yourself wearing a lot and find a brand that is well know for good tailoring.

Where to shop: Marks and Spencer at the Swindon Designer Outlet have a stunning collection of trousers to match this style. P.S. the prices are an absolute bargain!

Spring essential trends

The Boho Vibes

A trend that most definitely repeats itself in some form or another, embrace this trend in a form that best suits you. If you are a smart dresser, go for the linen suits in classic stripes. If you’d like to nudge towards the boho chic look perhaps a floor skimming maxi dress in floaty fabric is something to style this spring?

Where to shop: Go find yourself the perfect boho vibe at Mint Velvet, Marks and Spencer and Ted Baker at the Swindon Outlet.

Spring essential trends

Whatever you decide to buy this Spring, I hope it adds a touch of glamour and sass to your wardrobe.


Snigdha xx


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