36 hours in Bath to recharge yourself

Comptoir Cuisine in Bath

Earlier this year I was invited by Visit Bath to experience Bath in a different way, let me explain.. So I have been to Bath a number of times and almost each time for a new reason. It initially started with the touristy reasons, you know, the Roman Bath, the Royal Crescent and just the glorious Georgian city that is simply is. I then found myself visiting Bath for date nights, or marathons, a shopping trip, work dos, or just a to visit Bath because it is so refreshingly beautiful. So how was this trip different? It was different because because Bath isn’t just a city but an experience in itself and it certainly unfolds itself in so many varied ways so it is totally up to you as to how you chalk out your 36 hours but here’s my take on 36 hours in Bath to recharge yourself..

Where to stay

On our visit we stayed at Mr. Darcy’s abode which is one of the many properties of Bath Boutique stays. The property was tastefully done with warm homely feeling which I always appreciate. Bath Boutique Stays offer an eclectic selection of properties, that include Georgian Town Houses, quirky apartments and spacious homes which are perfect for family getaways, hen dos or simply spending a weekend in Bath.

Things to do

There are so many things to do in Bath, so you may wish to read my post here where I talk in details about things to do when in Bath but because this post is about 36 hours in Bath I will only list my top 3 experiences from the trip. We started with a visit to the Royal Crescent Hotel where we talked about mental health with Mind, the charity and the kind of support that is offered by charities in Bath for mental illnesses and general awareness. It is amazing to hear that the city is so conscious and invested in mental health and there are charities that are actively addressing and supporting the topic. We then got a tour of the historic hotel and the sensational spa facilities at the Royal Crescent hotel and I can assure you it is definitely more than just a place to stay.

The Royal Crescent Hotel

We then wandered round to meet the lovely Julia from Julia Davey Ceramics to attend a workshop learning to play with clay. This was the highlight of my trip as I got to explore my creative side. Julia also runs workshops on lettering, candle making, loom weaving and dyeing so there is something for everyone to learn and it is indeed such a relaxing process. Our works of art were then fired in the kiln and lovingly packed and parcelled to us by Julia. It is one of those experiences that you must indulge in as it relaxes and recharges you at the same time.

Julia Davey in Bath, workshop ideas

My third recommendation is the Thermal spa, Britain’s only natural thermal spa, which is again a must do when visiting Bath.

Where to eat

Whether you’ve been to Bath and felt it has simply transpired through google, Bath has innumerable food places and it can sometimes get overwhelming to pick a place to eat. So I always rely on recommendations from friends and family, so here are my two top recommendations…

We had lunch at Comptoir Cuisine which is the most quirky restaurant I have ever been to, because not only do you get to indulge in delicious food and champagne but you also get to shop everything that you see, from gorgeous furniture to sleek champagne flutes to colourful underwear! Yes underwear!The decor of the place is so unique and creative! And the food, champagne and conversation just kept flowing. I would liek to specifically add that the service is impeccable.

Comptoir Cuisine in Bath

We had dinner at Koffman and Mr. White’s newly refurbished restaurant which again served scrumptious English food and wine. The ambience is beautiful and the location of the restaurant is very convenient, just a 5 minute walk from the train station in case you are just thinking of jumping on the train.

I hope you plan a wellness trip soon and visit some of the places recommended above, if you do I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.


Snigdha xx


This trip was press trip, all experiences and opinions are purely mine. The picture of the Thermae Spa and Koffman and Mr White's restaurant are not mine.

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