Tete-a-tete with Kate Evans

Tete-a-tete with Kate Evans

If you follow along on Instagram then you have probably seen I am running a workwear series this month and while I am just another girl who loves clothes, shopping and all that, I am turning into a more conscious shopper and learning to slowly but surely mature my wardrobe into something that stays with me for years instead of me living under a pile of unmanageable amount of clothes.

So I have compiled a few questions that I receive frequently from my readers on Instagram and asked the very amazing Kate for her insight. The answers will definitely help me pick the right items for my wardrobe and build a sustainable yet stylish collection.

Tete-a-tete with KATE EVANS

Kate has been an Image Consultant and Life Coach for the past 14 years- working in London, the Cotswolds and beyond. Her expertise lies in knowing how to help people feel good about themselves; in how they dress, feel and live their lives. She works with private individuals as well as with companies and fashion brands- combining her professional knowledge with her down to earth personality so that she immediately puts her clients at
ease while delivering the results they want.”

What are the 5 wardrobe essentials when it comes to sustainable workwear?

KE: A classic suit is so important I would get one with a jacket, trouser and skirt combination to get more wear out of them. Spend as much as you can afford because you’ll get better quality and better fit. I would also go for a light weight knit, a silk top, good accessories and your shoes will either be classic or statement as per your style n personality n what you are comfortable wearing.

Wearing Susannah trousers from Baukjen

Do you have a colour palette recommendation for work?

KE: Always stick with your neutrals for all of your big ticket items, like your suit or your work coat. Anything you want a lot of wear out of, get them in neutral colours so that you can style in different ways and then you can add pops of colour to liven it up and feel a bit different.

Wearing the Myla coat from Baukjen

What should I not wear to work if I am – short, tall, top heavy, bottom heavy?

KE: If you are short, I wouldn’t wear cropped trousers. If you are tall, I wouldn’t wear short skirts as it will only be shorter on you.If you are top heavy avoid shirts.If you are bottom heavy avoid anything with detail on hips, gathered fabrics, anything cut on the bias is not going to work so well.

Any tips on making an average work outfit look above average?

KE: Accessories do so much of the work for you. So I would get some really good accessories.

Accessories game strong

If you could recommend adding one item to workwear wardrobe for a high end ‘Devil wears Prada’ work look, what would it be (coat, scarf etc, in terms of the clothes or accessories) 

KE: I am afraid I didn’t go with your suggestions. A bright red lipstick is a very quick way to add glamour, sophistication and elegance to your outfit if that feels right for you. Some people don’t like wearing such a statement lipstick but it is very much the devil wears Prada look.

I hope you all enjoyed reading the interview. I certainly found it very insightful. I would also once again like to thank Kate for making time for this interview.


Snigdha xx


Some of the items worn by me in this post have been gifted but the opinion is all mine.

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