3 Indian Outfits & a Random thought

3 Indian Outfits & a Random thought

Most of the fashion bloggers I know are currently attending Fashion Week somewhere in the world, and here I am twirling in my skirt or popping to Waitrose to buy milk. Yes, the mundane things in life which aren’t as pointless as they’re projected to be. Like earlier this week I went into the restaurant at work to buy a salad for lunch but ended up buying a massive portion of Veggie chillie, shamefully accompanied by chunky chips. I then sat down in the restaurant, by myself, blasting Jess Glynne’s ‘I won’t wear makeup on Thursdays’ on the headphone and suddenly my insecurities of not being at fashion week, the worries of not having any holidays booked this year, the professional fears, they just seemed to disappear , albeit briefly, but in that moment, the void left by these emotions was filled with inspiration. It was in those moments of being befriended by an invigorating sense of inspiration that I decided to write this blogpost, resolved to go for a run after work and to eat better, now of course the last one was me being too ambitious but you kind of get the point. My point is go find your Veggie chillie and chips in life, find the little things on a boring Monday that steal you away for a few moments and take you to a place where you simply feel inspired.

So as I got up to go do some real work at my desk, I found myself appreciating the very unglamorous moment I just had with my Veggie chillie and chips while my fellow bloggers are out there shining their way through fashion week. In that brief moment which I shared with myself I actually felt the intensity and power of the overwhelming possibilities that lay ahead of me. And what’s most eye-opening is that once you start exploring possibilities they collapse like dominoes into new ones and entire stories unfold. But I think that these possibilities don’t just emerge from working 100 hours a week, they emerge from believing in yourself and so often we don’t pause, we don’t sit down, to simply believe in ourselves, and we miss out on our opportunities. So, I do hope you have your Veggie Chillie moment, I hope everyday, despite life’s abnormalities,juggles, monotonies and struggles, that we can all, find a moment for ourselves, to just believe.

Outfit 1: Laalte By Nikita #Ad

This is an opulent Indian Fashion brand based in the UK, they create magic with their clothes. Each outfit is a work of art. The service, the intricate bespoke design, is all part of the overall experience which does truly make you feel like a princess. As I said before I couldn’t stop twirling in my skirt.

Outfit 2: MySareeShop

Outfit 3: MySareeShop


This post is sponsored by LaalateeByNikita & MySareeShop.

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