Five Trendsetting Winter Coats

Five Trendsetting Winter Coats

This year, I’ve found it hard, dealing with the whole ‘New Year’ drama that inevitably floods my life through social media channels every year. I find myself continuously spiralling into a low energy zone and despite making the best efforts to be positive I think there’s something dragging me down and preventing me from being happy, even to the point where I have contemplated giving up blogging which by the way I am not going to do. So I have told myself that its ok, its ok to feel sad and low and unenthusiastic about things. It is ok to be uninspired and its ok to struggle a little but more than that I think its ok to know that January does not necessarily mean its time for a fresh start. Just  because it is the first month of the year, it does not have the privilege of sucking motivation out of the other months. So on that note I am officially boycotting the January Newness Madness and instead taking the time to let myself feel comfortable and embrace change when I am ready to do so.

For my first post of 2019 I have pulled together a selection of five trend setting winter coats that will make your wardrobe and your winter outfits complete, so I hope you get inspired and enjoy the post xx

All pictures by Mike R Jones

The Teddy Coat

This trend has grown on me, slowly but surely. Last year I wasn’t a big fan of the great big Teddy Coats but I have grown to like them, mainly due to the comfort factor but also because it can effortlessly transform your outfit.

Teddy Coat from Newchic Official

The Elegant Coat

I absolutely love this coat and it has a unique spot in my closet because it is just so elegant and the colour makes it wearable with a lot of outfits, ticking my cost per wear box.

Coat from EricDresses 

Best faux fur coats and styling it.

The Chanel-esq Coat

I love all the tweed I have seen this season so I had to include a tweed coat in this collection and wear it with a Chanel brooch because that’s what it reminds me of, the iconic Chanel suit. But to be fair, I would also easily wear this with a grey t shirt and a pair of skinny jeans for a smart casual look.

Coat from NewChic Official

Chanel Inspired budget styling

The Boho style

If you are looking for a nice throw it on any outfit kindda coat then this is your pick. Not only is it roomy, but also very warm and comfy and the colour again is perfect to go with so many outfits in your wardrobe. 

Coat from NewChic Official

Jackets for winter

The Structured Military Style Coat

If you are looking for a Balmain inspired military style coat without creating a hole in your pocket then this coat most appropriately fits the requirements. Although not the warmest coat, this Peacoat definitely makes a statement and the gold buttons do all the glam talking that’s required.

Coat from Justfab

Trendsetting Winter Coats

Hope you enjoyed the collection!


Snigdha xx


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