Fashion Advice I Would Give My Younger Self X FatFace

Fashion Advice I Would Give My Younger Self X FatFace

Last few weeks I have been sorting my summer wardrobe as I make space for coats, jackets and knitwear, this is tradition because as the season turns my closet just cries out for help, i.e. a massive reorganisation and space more than anything. This year whilst doing the summer clear out I almost stood there with inexplicable horror, how did this happen, how did I manage to amass so many clothes without realising that I was doing so. Ok I agree, I owe it partly to my profession as a Fashion Blogger and then there is always some inspiration from what strolls down the catwalk twice a year. Of course there are also those seasonal ‘S’ words hung in big bold letters in the shop windows that inevitably draw you towards them, we all love a good bargain. Well, to be honest, this is what the fashion industry wants every girl’s closet to look like, a forever increasing pile of trends that come and fade before you realise, a forever in flux style statement that requires you to spend money. But as I stood facing my pile of trends I realised this is not how I want my closet to look like and here’s some advice I would give my younger self:


A Winter LookBook sponsored by FatFace

FatFace Skirt

FatFace Coat

FatFace Boots

FactFace Jumper


Stay loyal to Classics

Stay loyal to classics because whatever happens to trends, your classics will always stay with you and make you proud of your investment. Cashmere knitwear, a good pair of boots, a well structured grey coat, they’ll see you through seasons and these here from FatFace are some of the pieces I will hang on to as I slowly move from one end of the 30 spectrum to another.

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Wearing: FatFace Yellow Cardigan, FatFace Ankle boots
#timetogive and  #timewellspent FatFace
A Winter LookBook X FatFace

Would you wear it next year?

There will always be trends like the plaid blazer, the flared trousers, leopard print, off shoulder tops, white boots etc. It is important to spot a trend and then identify which pieces of trend you would wear even after the trend slowly evaporates because that’s what they are meant to do. The question to ask is ‘would you wear it next year?’ And if you would then buy it because that means the purchase is worthwhile. Don’t let trends clutter your wardrobe.

#timetogive and  #timewellspent FatFace
Wearing FatFace Wool Coat & FatFace Knee High Boots
#timetogive and  #timewellspent FatFace

Quality Over Quantity

I realised I have about 4 black blazers, 2 white blazers, 3 in the colour grey and so on. Why? Because I was shopping on a whim, frivolously spending money and buying into the big noise of fashion. I’ve realised I need one black blazer, one that fits like a dream, is a sartorial masterpiece and doesn’t upset my bank balance too much, one that I wear for years and bring that cost per wear down. So build a collection of masterpieces that compliment your wardrobe. 

#timetogive and  #timewellspent FatFace
Wearing FatFace Jumper, Skirt and Ankle Boots

The Closet Enemy

Spot the closet enemy, ok let me explain. We have all bought the gorgeous yellow top that actually doesn’t go with most of the neutral coloured clothes in our closet OR we have purchased shoes or bags that don’t go with most outfits. Those items just sit in our wardrobe not being worn, instead they become a closet enemy as they never seem to blend in with the other clothes we have. Try not to build the enemy brigade, its hard not to get tempted and buy something that looks amazing in the shop window but don’t go with most things you already own but it is doable.

FatFace this season are really giving me wardrobe goals, from cosy knits that instantly make you feel festive to dresses and skirts that can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion and time of the day. I’ve created a Winter Lookbook with 3 looks here and have linked the pages for you to browse if you’d like to buy them. Hope you enjoyed the post and happy shopping at FatFace

Lots of Love

Snigdha xx


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