Hair Rules with Toni&Guy

Hair Rules with Toni&Guy

When I was 13 I suddenly had the urge to grow my hair so I could tie it in a pony tail and perhaps style it in different ways. I started growing my hair and the more it grew in length the harder it became to manage. It was curly, frizzy and felt dry. The years that followed even into my early twenties weren’t the fondest years my hair will recall but there’s one thing I clearly remember, I always found myself in the pursuit of good healthy hair and remember thinking to myself that when I do find the right products for my hair I will stick with them no matter what. Of course the experiment of finding the right products (or not! mostly) has been more of a journey than a destination until a few months ago when I got a chance to work with TONI&GUY and explore some of their products that have well and truly changed the Hair Rules for me.

Last week I popped into the salon in Cheltenham, England. I was not only greeted warmly by my stylists Charlotte and Lacie but also offered some of their best treatments and advice. As I sat on the chair listening to the valuable advice I was being given couldn’t help but think about all you ladies specially you new mommies ( post natal hair fall- I feel ya!) will love to hear all of this and so I decided that I will certainly be sharing with you all the products and tips and tricks in a blog post. So here we go…

How to wash your hair?

So some of you may know this already ,washing your hair with warm water is always a good idea because it opens the cuticles making room for that conditioner or hair mask that you are next going to use to sink in. But after you’ve washed that conditioner off don’t forget to turn the tap to cold for a 10 -15 second rinse with cold water as it then closes the cuticles and locks in the treatment leaving your hair nice and shiny.

How many times to wash?

Well, we all have different hair type so the number of washes per week has no rules whatsoever but if you follow the advice of experts then washing your hair twice in one wash (i.e. shampooing your hair twice in one wash) does help in keeping your hair free of the unnecessary oils and may save you an additional wash per week. I can certainly second that from my experience.

What type of conditioner is good ?

At the salon I was given the Intense Conditioning treatment by Label.m and have used the same mask once at home since, my initial impressions are that it definitely works because my hair did not get tangled after the last wash and there’s just generally more volume in my hair, they are two very important things for me so I will say the intense conditioning treatment does work. It is one of the best masks I have used and I certainly recommend using it at home too. The rules are simple: Wash, towel dry, apply the conditioner and leave for 10 minutes followed by a thorough wash to remove the treatment from your hair.

The Intensive Mask Treatment

Too much heat?

We are all guilty of treating our hair, be it heat or colour, I feel it is inevitable unless you have the perfect hair that needs no styling and the perfect hair colour that needs no highlights (wow if you said yes I am jealous and you are lucky 🙂 !) But I think the problem is not so much the heat or colour treatment but its actually, not using the right products to protect your hair from the treatments. At the salon I learnt about the Label .m protein spray, you can use it generously on your hair and scalp anytime before or even after styling and you can never have enough protein added to your hair can you? I have already started using this spray and it just adds that extra shine to my hair.

One of the other products I found about was the Label.m Blowout spray which again is said to be an excellent hair protecting spray, see here.

I have personally used the Anti Frizz range from Label.m and love how it works for my hair. It is said to increase collagen production and therefore reduce coarseness and guess what, it works!

The Label.M Anti frizz Range

So with all the knowledge I now know what hair care products to invest in and use on a regular basis. I always feel that when you find a product that suits you, then you know its a keeper and with the label.m products I feel we are in for a long term relationship. if you are wondering what type of hair treatment works best for you, I would suggest just walking into the salon and having a chat with the specialists because they know what they are talking about and if you are thinking about a long due pamper ( or even if it is a not so long due one haha) then Toni&Guy do gift cards too which I think is a wonderful idea for Christmas (* says so whilst showing this bit of text to the husband*) haha. Gift cards can be purchased here or at any TONI&GUY salon.

TONI&GUY Gift Card

I hope you found the post helpful and I cannot wait to hear your hair transformation journeys.

Lots of love

Snigdha xx


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