All You Need To Know About the SUITED Girl

How To Wear A Suit

I love a suit, I love it not only aesthetically but also emotionally, it makes me feel powerful and independent. A suit I believe is a statement, a very expressive one. It will talk for you even before you’ve framed a chains of thoughts up in your mind. For me a suit is for a strong woman/girl who knows that being strong is deeper than just physically lifting weights, who knows being strong is embracing challenges, vulnerabilities and failures, and yet never saying no to adventures, chasing possibilities, forever being kind and forever being a girl’s girl who knows just ‘How To Wear A Suit’ 🙂

So I’ve put together a suit edit, there’s one for everyone because I love my suits and also because you can never have enough of them. I hope you enjoy and experiment and feel as empowered, smart and confident as I do every time I put one on and next time you see a girl in a suit, go give her a compliment because that’s what a girl’s girl would do and that’ll make you happy too xx

The Offbeat Suit

Let’s begin with something different, a pink suit and a white blazer to spill some sazz. While this may appear to be a summer suit, which it is, just throwing a burgundy blazer on the pink coords will immediately transform it into a winter suit.

Suit By: Femme Luxe UK


How To Wear Suits

The Trendy Suit

We’ve all seen the belted blazer trend this season and Winter will see more of it. If you like a bit of definition to your figure then belted blazers are your thing. This suit is ideal for a coffee date or even a girls day out.

Suit By: NA-KD Fashion


The Casual Suit

Suits don’t necessarily have to be for the boardroom, our choice of suits should be dictated purely by our personal style, so I decided to push the boundaries of suits and take them into the territories of ‘casual chicdom’ haha, I probably just made that word up but you know what I mean. A longline blazer, tailored trousers and a crop top will do the magic for a brunch date or a birthday party or more simply wherever you’d like to wear it to 🙂

Suit By: Asos

How To Wear A Suit

The Smart Suit

Something I would wear to work and feel confident in, good tailoring is however, the most important part of this suit. I usually turn to Zara for a good blazer and Ted Baker and Asos for trousers but if you have more suggestions please do leave them in the comment box for me, I would love that xx

Jacket By Zara

Trousers by Asos

How To Wear A Suit

The Party Suit

If I have to pick between trends and classics I will forever be a ‘Classic’ kindda girl and that is my personal choice which is why there will always be a black suit hung in my wardrobe that finds its way out on a night out, simply paired with some high heels (Nude or Neon) and a crop top (sequin or lace).

Jacket By : Baukjen #AD

Trousers By: Zara

How To Wear A Suit

I’d love you to tell me which one is your favourite of the 5 suits featured here xx




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