5 Ways To Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

I have always believed that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look like a million dollars. Having said that, I feel there are certain aspects of an outfit where you can’t really compromise to achieve a classy look and therefore, I decided to do a post on 5 Ways To Make Your Outfit Look Expensive. Hope you enjoy reading it and if you do take some inspiration don’t forget to tag me or hashtag #LookAMillionDollars.

Amp Up Your Accessories

A simple jeans and t shirt/top/shirt look can be transformed by a signature belt, scarf, a hat or a knotted bandana. Choose those accessories wisely and curate a little wardrobe of unique pieces that are versatile and will go with several outfits. Here’s a few examples where I have used accessories to tune up my outfit.

Make The Bag Game Strong

A good handbag is my weakness and also an outfit’s strength. Whether a summer slouchy handbag that fits all or a winter dark toned structured bag, a good handbag automatically adds class to your outfit. So my advice is, invest in a good handbag so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on other things such as the dress you wear it with. 🙂

Stay Away From Prints

In my opinion cheap prints look cheap. I have seen a number of copies of the iconic Versace chain mail print and to be honest most of them look cheap, so I would say, if you are aiming to achieve the high end luxe look then opt for tonal hues in good fabric. This dress here is from the brand EveryThing5Pound but the colour just makes it look expensive and everyone who has seen this dress has found it hard to believe the price.

Spill Some Sass: Jewellery

Some people love the chunky jewellery look and others love the dainty pieces, whatever’s your style, a little bit of jewellery did no harm to anyone. Throwing in a brooch here or a chunky necklace there will immediately elevate your look and add a dash of sass.

Don’t Compromise on Your Shoes

You can tell a lot about someone by the kind of shoes they wear. With Autumn soon approaching my advice would be to invest in some good pairs of shoes or boots. All my teenage and early twenties I have prioritised style over comfort (ok I am guilty) but I now realise how important it is to find shoes that are a perfect blend of comfort and style. Also the shoes you wear can totally and entirely define your outfit and take it a notch up (or down). So if you are aiming for that Designeresq high end look then get the shoe game on point. Zara and Topshop make a number of high quality and comfortable shoes that resemble the Chanel and Prada Designs without breaking the bank. Here are my top favourite shoes.

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    Loved reading this and your list was so true!

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    Wowww. Loved all your styling tips. Thanks for this unique and relatable post.

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