Summer with Jo Malone #DeclareYourScent

Summer with Jo Malone #DeclareYourScent

Summer has always made me euphoric, the heat, the long days full of light, eating dinner in the garden, longing holidays by the sea, just a general sense of happiness floats around in the air. This summer has been magical, our first full summer with baby Ella, my first really hot summer in the UK and my first summer with JoMalone #DeclareYourScent.

#DeclareYourScent with JoMalone London

There’s so much I want to share because I’m filled with so much happiness and positivity at the moment. Two years ago when I started this hustle of my blog I could only dream of working with a brand as wonderful as JoMalone and it makes me slightly emotional seeing my journey from where I started to where I am now. Being a mummy and running a blog has been quite a juggle and when I think about getting back to my full time job in October it does fill me with a little bit of anxiety but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.If you ask me, I will always say, one hundred percent that I am loving the juggle in my life and I am grateful for it.

#DeclareYourScent with JoMalone London #DeclareYourScent with JoMalone London #DeclareYourScent with JoMalone London

Buy the Cologne: Pomegranate Noir

Buy the Candle: Pomegranate Noir

So when JoMalone asked me to be part of their #DeclareYourScent campaign I will be honest, I did do a little happy dance and when I received the parcel and smelled the fragrance it filled me with a sense of summer happiness. You know the feeling where every little joy like sleeping at night with the windows open, golden evenings spent on the patio sipping Rose, turning the sprinkler on in the garden and then getting soaked only to dry up a few moments later, everything is just ever so slightly accentuated because of the heat. The Pomegranate Noir fragrance is literally daring sensuality, encapsulated in scent. Ruby-rich juices of exotic pomegranate, spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily. The cologne has pride of place on my dressing table and the candle sits beautifully in our living room spreading a sense of summer joy. 

The summer months are slowly dissolving in to each other and before I know it I will be back to work after just over a year, I will be busy, very busy and time will probably slip away from my hands like sand but I fiercely believe that I can make time, make time for the things I love doing and when you work hard, very hard then the universe sends opportunities your way, just like this one.

#DeclareYourScent with JoMalone London


Snigdha xx

Thank You JoMalone London for making me part of your #DeclareYourScent campaign. This is a sponsored post.

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  1. priyanka parijat
    August 10, 2018 / 11:47 am

    wowww you look so elegant ang gorgeous!!! more power to you!!!

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