A Weekend Getaway Guide To Rome

A Weekend Getaway Guide To Rome

Last month we visited the beautiful capital of Italy and as it was only a 2 day trip we packed it up with as much as we possibly could whilst also finding a bit of time to relax. So I thought it would be a good idea to post a weekend getaway guide to Rome as it might help a lot of you in planning a quick trip to the gorgeous capital city.


We flew from London Luton Airport and although there was a lot of drama in getting to the airport as there was a big oil spillage on the motor way and hence a massive traffic jam, we did make it to the airport just in time for take off. My tip would be to take more time than usual if you are flying from London Luton or Stansted Airports as in my experience they weren’t as organised as London Heathrow or Gatwick. The flight itself is 2 hour long and fairly comfortable.

We took a taxi from the airport to our BnB and the taxi fare is more or less fixed to anywhere from the airport at €50. This as we understood was non negotiable but given the distance, it seemed fair enough.

Rome Travel Guide


With a wide variety of hotels available in Rome, there is plenty to choose from but I would highly recommend going for AirBnbs as they do genuinely have a lot to offer, they are much cheaper than hotels and you get a taste of Italian living in the heart of the city without having to pay the price of an expensive hotel. We choose to stay in Via Del Commercio area which has plenty of shops and restaurants whilst also being a good residential area.


As this was a weekend getaway and a fairly short one I would recommend visiting the following places. Should you decide to visit Rome for longer then I’m sure there are a number of other places, shops and restaurant to explore in addition to the below.

The Colosseum

Rome is such a beautiful city, every corner and every street is beautiful. It certainly is a city that inspires beauty. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and at times we would just stop to appreciate the beauty of the architecture. One of the most popular (and rightly so) monuments is the Roman Colosseum. It is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city, it is the largest amphitheatre ever built and if you think about when it was actually built (construction started 70AD) you’ll be amazed by the architectural acumen of the Romans back then.

Roman Colloseum A weekend getaway to Rome Tips on visiting the Roman Colloseum

Travel Tip

There are several travel guides willing to offer you packages to show you around. If you have no problem with long queues then doing a tour yourself works out the cheapest but with a little help you are able to skip the queues for €20pp.

Trevi Fountain

Everything in Rome (much like London) is at walking distance once you get to the Colosseum or for that matter any of the main tourist locations. You just need to get the navigation on your phone running and you can walk around and explore the city. Trevi Fountain is not very far from the Colosseum and is one of the most instagrammable locations whilst also being one of the most famous fountains in the world. It has appeared in so many films and it truly is breathtakingly beautiful.

Travel tips about visiting the Trevi Fountain

Travel Tip

If you really want to enjoy the beauty of the fountain then make a trip early in the morning and then once in the evening. We were advised so by the taxi driver and it truly was the best advice. We got to the Trevi at 6:30 am and there were only about 30 people there as opposed to the 400/500 who normally flock the tourist spot.

The Pantheon

We also enjoyed our visit to The Pantheon. The Pantheon is a former Roman temple, now a church, in Rome. We did not go inside for a visit because we instead choose to explore the boutiques and coffee shops that are dotted around the Pantheon. It is a very busy area and has a Roman buzz about it.

Rome Travel Guide What to do in Rome

Vatican City

On our second day in Rome we decided to visit The Vatican City. Although it is a country in itself (smallest country in the world) you do not require a passport or visa to go in. There is no border control but you do see a lot of police around. As we were there on a Sunday we saw the Pope deliver a sermon to what I would say was around a thousand people. The Vatican is beautiful and the architecture is beyond words. It is home to St. Peter’s Basilica and the famous museum that houses Michelangelo’s work of art in the Sistine Chapel. To think it was all made thousands of years ago and still stands for it’s beauty and grandeur is remarkable.

A weekend getaway guide to Rome
Building around the Vatican city

Vatican City

Piazza Navona & The Spanish Steps

If you still have time then I would recommend visiting the Piazza Navona and The Spanish steps. Unfortunately we couldn’t visit the Spanish steps but instead walked around to see the Roman Forum, Castle Saint Angelo and Trastevere.

All you need to know about visiting Rome


Well, I cannot recommend Trastevere enough. It is a brilliant place to go for the most amazing food and restaurants in Rome. The evenings are busy and delightful and some of the must visit restaurants are:


Forno La Renella

La Carbonara

Sette Ocho

and Flavio al Velavevodetto

A weekend getaway guide to Rome
Somewhere in Trestavere

Travel Tips

  • We took a taxi every time we left our bnb in Via Del Commercio and the taxis aren’t too expensive but I would like to warn you to check the metre as soon as you get in the cab as the taxi drivers do try to cheat you by not reseting the metre.
  • As we were only there for a weekend we did not get a chance to explore the local means of transport but I did enjoy exploring the city of foot.
  • In hindsight taking a Hop off and Hop on bus tour is a very good idea if you are in Rome only for a short break
  • Walks along the River Tiber will not only take you to a lot of touristy places of historical importance but also little cafes and Gelaterias that are worth a visit
  • Most McDonald’d don’t serve any vegetarian options in Rome but if you are a vegetarian (like me) there’ll always be plenty of pizzas and pastas that you can try.
A weekend getaway guide to Rome
A weekend getaway guide to Rome

Hope you enjoyed reading.


Snigdha xx



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