How To Wear Stripes

How To Wear Stripes

Stripes have made a major comeback in the fashion picture. While horizontal stripes have been the choice of the safe dresser, the offbeat trends have included vertical stripes more than ever.

I personally love the snazzy appeal of stripes because they make you look great and stand out without having to do much. So here’s 6 ways you can wear striped this season.

1. The Striped Dress:

Bold stripes such as Red can make you stand out so keep the accessories neutral. You want the focus on your stripes.


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2. The Striped Shirt:

This has to be the most classic combination but is still so stylish, pairing a striped shirt with contrast trousers for a go to work look or with jeans for a casual look. Here I’ve chosen blue so the focus remains on the shirt as the statement wear.


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3. The Striped Trousers:

Incorporate stripes in trousers and pair them with bright colours to make them stand out. Yellow, blue and red are good colours for the blouse with stripes trousers.


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4. The Striped Jacket:

It cannot get more stripey than a striped jacket, can it? Stripes on jackets can look very stylish both for work as well as casual outfits. Although they are not for everyone, I think every once in a while we can all get experimental?


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5. The Striped Skirt:

This is one of my most favourite casual outfits, probably something I would wear to the hairdressers or a brunch date with friends. This linen skirt can be styled in several ways to make it look different, perhaps a pink t shirt or even a bright yellow off the shoulder bouse?


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6. The Striped Blouse:

Oh hello my favourite blouse and the most flattering one too. Off the shoulder tops with stripes were already a winner for me but throwing in ruffles has made it a double winner.


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I hope you enjoyed the looks and I’ve convinced you to get yourselves some stripes this season?


Snigdha xx

Pictures courtesy: The very talented, Mum, Sis and Mike R Jones



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