The Silver Lining


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“Nusa was born from the love of Bali; the Island of Gods”

Nusa was born from the love of Bali; the Island of Gods. A mythical island that is proud of its history, culture and arts. Artisans express their artistic heritage through their craftsmanship. Nusa is a boutique brand, everything is handcrafted therefore every piece is unique, beautiful and extremely elegant.

One day I woke up with disappointment overflowing from my heart, a deep sense of negativity, a reminder of so many things that need to be done but haven’t yet been done. The books I’ve ordered of amazon are stacked by my bed waiting to be read. My thank you journal hasn’t had an entry since I can’t remember when. There is a pile of washing that needs to be put away. I’m barely managing one run a week. When I log in to Instagram, I see fellow bloggers posting tonnes of disappointment about how nasty Instagram’s algorithm is which is totally true by the way, so a lot of hard work is proving to be pointless. Basically there are issues that need addressing, you know when you realise there is a lot you want to do and things just aren’t working out and sometimes Time, rather the lack of it just contributes to the disturbance. So that morning, when I went downstairs into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, I decided to shake the disappointment off a bit, because normally I’m a very positive person (or so I think), you know most of my transformative thinking happens somewhere around a cup of tea (or on the toilet haha but Snigdha that’s not something you share publicly). I realised that over the many years of small or big struggles I’ve had there’s this one thing that has always worked for me, and that is hard work. A very simple, unglamorous and not so fancy lesson that life has taught me. So, I decided that no matter how damp the disappointment is I will stick with my age old lesson in life and perhaps just sprinkle a load of ‘consistency’ on it and no matter how long it takes I can then be sure that through life’s adventures and thrills I will find my happiness and success. And that’s the beauty of hardship, problems and pain, they always teach you a lesson, that’s the silver lining.

In another world, I’m obsessed with silver jewellery and when it is as gorgeous as these pieces from Nusa, they’ve been effortlessly making every outfit standout for me be it casual or formal.


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Photography by : Mike R Jones


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