Valentine’s Day LookBook

Another year, another Valentine’s Day. I’m not at my usual excitement level for Valentine’s this year, that may be because I’m getting old and totally see the pointless rise in prices of red roses and little heart shaped chocolates for that one day/week a year. Im not turning boring, girls but I’m probably just becoming more practical which obviously does have a massive streak of boring in it but you don’t have to admit it lol, you mummas out there, you feel me right? I haven’t started planning what Lee and I will be doing this Valentine’s Day but thanks to Romwe fashion my outfits are sorted for almost all possibilities, that’s the fashion blogger life.

I’ve pulled together three outfit ideas for you girls. So whether it’s a Galentines for you this year, a brunch date with your man or a full on glam up date night, you’ve got some outfit inspiration in this post and they are all super affordable.

First Look: A Galentines Valentine’s

T shirt: Romwe | Bag: Valentino| Jeans: Asos

Look 2: A Brunch Date Dress

Dress: Romwe | Heels: Missguided| Bag: Valentino

Look 3: A Dinner Date Red Dress

Dress: Romwe| Bag: Valentino

Photos by: Mike R Jones & My Mum


One thought on “Valentine’s Day LookBook

  1. Wow… love all the looks and so impressed with aunty’s photography….

    and can’t agree more with the point of less excitement of celebrating valentines as u grow… may be it’s not growing just priorities changing…

    Liked by 1 person

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