A Girl & Her Jewels


This post is sponsored by Arviana London

When I was a little girl I could never understand why women loved jewellery so much, the whole fascination for gold, silver and precious gemstones was beyond my comprehension. But we live and we learn haha. I love my jewels now , I say that as if I were the queen 😉 lol but honestly I do value the elegance they can lend to any outfit. So being a fashion blogger I thought it is important to touch upon the aspect of jewellery too as they can potentially make or break an outfit.

Talking of precious gemstones, I have always found myself swaying towards Emerald which is why my first piece of expensive jewellery was an Emerald Ring I bought myself a few years ago.


When the team at Arviana London contacted me I learnt so much more about precious stones and how amazing their brand is and I obviously picked an Emerald jewellery for myself that I absolutely adore.


Working with Arviana I realised that they promise to deliver authenticity not only in their products but in their packaging and customer service too which is a huge part of any shopping experience  when you are parting with a large amount of money haha.


Decades of experience in gemstones  means there is perfect harmony between the price and quality they provide. They are a true example of Luxury at affordable prices. So as I wear my beautiful Emerald studs I think to myself these are truly “The Green flash that brings good fortune”.


Snigdha xx


Emerald Stud Earings in 9ct Yellow Gold



One thought on “A Girl & Her Jewels

  1. Me being so much in accessories and jewellery loved reading this one.. I personally love emeralds and love the piece u own. Stunning outfit and beautiful pictures …


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