What I plan to do this year!

What I plan to do this year!

I know it is one of those posts that appear in suffocating amounts on social media typically this time of the year, tonnes of  resolutions and motivational quotes float around everywhere you look . This isn’t an aggressive post to list my resolutions but its just an attempt to enlist thoughts I would like to use to guide myself, you know, my ‘work in progress’ mantra. I am going to put it out there so I can keep reminding myself about it, so it exists in real shape and form rather than mere thoughts in my head than will inevitably fade as months roll by. I want to make 2018 happy, successful and grand and I am going to put every bit of my heart and soul to make it happen.

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Be Grateful

Last year we were blessed with the biggest gift, our daughter, the gift of life and from her I learn every day, to be happy and to be grateful. But happiness isn’t just from what we have, or what we will achieve, happiness comes from what we are. So I resolve to be a better person, be less angry in situations that trouble me, be more polite toward people who aren’t that patient, be more respectful of time, be kinder and show kindness not only in my actions but my thoughts too. Just try and cultivate the goodness in me and be grateful for every second of health, happiness and love that is around me.

Look After Myself

This starts from a healthy body, good skin, good hair, looking after my fixed assets haha. I want to work towards building a healthy body, whilst respecting what I have. When I look back at the last few years of my life, I find myself constantly trying to achieve a certain state of fitness, a certain shape of my body, a certain fat percentage, basically constantly chasing something and while its been great to have goals I feel I haven’t respected what I already had all those years. I was much slimmer but I still felt I needed to lose weight and now I would happily have that body back haha.

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Simple targets of trying to read a book a month and sometimes a little bit more. I aim to read 15 books this year and try and keep away from reading fiction which is my weakness. Reading makes you clever and everybody could do with a bit of cleverness haha, so invest some money and lots of time in reading and you’ll thank yourself for it.

MyBlog and YouTube

One day a friend of mine unknowingly said to me’ Oh nice that you blog, you’ve got something to do with your spare time’, made me laugh, I know that she  didn’t mean to be annoying, but it still was mega annoying for me. So to all those people who think blogging is something we bloggers do in our spare time, no you are wrong. We make time for blogging because we love it so much we are passionate about it, just like you are passionate about cooking, or swimming or travelling, so learn to respect people’s passion. This year I want to put in more than my 100% into blogging, I don’t know how that is physically possible lol but its the thought that counts.So yes, I will do all it takes to take my blog to the next level. I have my plans drawn and you’ll see them as they gradually unfold through the rest of this year.


Running, for me is not just part of my fitness goals, it is something more than that. I see it as a hobby, a stress buster, something that gives me a sense of achievement even on dull, boring days where I’ve just been sat at home in the company of Netflix and crisps and achieved Zero. It nurtures and inspires me to take on bigger challenges so yes I will try and get back into my running mode and attempt to do at least 2 races this year.

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Lots of love and a happy new year (or is it too late to wish that? haha)

Snigdha xx


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