The First LookBook

The First LookBook

Hey guys,

It is the new year and I’m sure we are all partially or wholly immersed in the New year New Me Blah Blah Flah Flah. I’m currently on maternity leave and loving spending time with Ella whilst also focussing on blogging. When I started blogging I used to worry about posting content on Facebook and Instagram. I would read and re read my content a thousand times and worry about the pictures not just from a quality of content point of view but thinking too much about how people would perceive them, because blogging although not new to the world, is certainly new to a lot of people I know and some of them are probably straight out the 16th century where eyebrows were raised at everything new anyone did and certainly more so if it was a woman.

But over the months I’ve gained confidence in what I write, the pictures I publish and the content I create. I have also learnt that you cannot always sieve positivity and negativity in the way you like so I’ve simply decided to stop worrying about the negatives in people’s views. The people around me are still the same but instead of waiting for their perception to change I’ve just decided to change mine, that has been a BIG step for me and from that BIG step I’ve observed more success come my way. Being approached by several brands for work I had only dreamt of doing at one point, being appreciated by my readers and above all making some amazing friends in the blogging community across the world.

I’ve always believed in slow and steady so I will keep going at a pace I can keep going, so apart from that I wanted to share with you my first lookbook in collaboration with a leading fast fashion brand Romwe Fashion. They undoubtedly have the trendiest clothes and accessories and you can get them at amazing prices too, that’s certainly a win win! So here’s two looks from their collection.

This dress here is probably the first green dress I own, you’ll normally not see much of green in my wardrobe but this dress is uniquely elegant and the quality is fantastic specially considering the price.

I see the potential in this dress to be worn in the evening as well as a smart work wear. What do you think?

The second look is this beautiful pearl studded jumper and again I love the quality of this jumper and highly recommend you to go and have a look at the other colours in the same style.

This jumper is certainly a keeper as I’ll be wearing it throughout the rest of the winter here and owing to my love for pearls might even grab one of these in another colour.

What I’m wearing

Look 1



Boots: Newlook (old)

Look 2


Skirt: Zara (old)


Photography by: Mike R Jones



  1. Supriya khambe
    January 5, 2018 / 9:46 pm

    Amazing read and way too good pics…. u carry anything and everything with uttermost confidence and that reflects in your styling …. 😍💕

    • January 5, 2018 / 9:47 pm

      Aww thank you Suza means so much to me xx

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