3 Months of Being a Mum

3 Months of Being a Mum

I’m sat on the floor in my bedroom, Ella is asleep in her bed, its mid afternoon, I’ve had lunch and the house is organised, well most of it. Three months of being a mum-I won’t say I’ve enjoyed every bit of it but what I can firmly say is I have learnt a lot and learnt something from every experience in these months.

Learnt to be patient

I will confess being patient hasn’t been my forte, in fact I am one of the most impatient persons you’ll meet. I like to read the last few pages of books, I google the story of suspense thrillers I am watching and surprises, oh I can never keep one. I had read that babies know and recognise their mums through their sense of smell right from the time they are born, that may be true but really, you have to wait for them to show you that they know who you are. You have to wait for their first sleep-smile, their coos, their gurgles, their toothless grins; and above all for that smile that says you are their favourite person (I’m assuming so). I have learnt to wait and be patient and to be honest I have enjoyed it.

Learnt about my strengths and weaknesses

In the first month, I did struggle with sleep, didn’t get much but I still did everything but sleep during the day. I was continually advised by everyone to rest as soon as Ella sleeps but I always had my own agenda that did not include sleep, I was almost living in denial, saying to myself that I had full control of my life, that everything would still be organised that the battery in my brain and body was still 100% charged and that I didn’t really need to slow down.It was probably my weakness as well as my strength. My strength is being organised, my strength is I plan a lot and plan precisely and my weakness is that I always like to be in control. I’ve learnt to strike a balance, to not lose my head when the washing is not done on time or the bed isn’t tidy first thing in the morning, but in that I’ve found a routine that works for me, for us.

Enjoy the moment, whatever I’m doing

Although I’ve always believed in enjoying the present, I have also found myself planning for the future and worries have therefore inevitably followed and that has sometimes taken the spotlight away from the moment of joy. Ella has taught me to live and enjoy every minute, like literally everything I do, so now, even a cup of tea that was earlier taken for granted is immensely enjoyed and relished haha.

Every morning when I get her ready for the day, or change her nappy she wants my full attention, I love spending this time with her. Even at 2 am when she sometimes wakes up for a feed, she makes me smile with her big grin as soon as she sees my face and it makes waking up not so bad after all. I know that she knows me now, recognises me and it seems to get better and better everyday. Ella turned 3 months old yesterday and I already can’t wait to go shopping with her, haha.

Look After Yourself

As I said before, life is now about enjoying every single thing I do but more than ever, I’ve realised the importance of self love. Eating healthy, going out for a run, doing my workout, having a hot cup of tea, spending those extra few minutes in the shower, making time for blogging, for holidays, for doing my nails, for going out shopping, for dining out and meeting friends, it is all important. As much as I want to be there for Ella, I don’t want to lose myself and from the three months gone by I know it is possible to successfully juggle everything, I’m not saying its easy, I’m saying it is possible.

There’s a lot more I’d like to write but Ella is now up and I will now be having some mummy-daughter time.

Speak soon guys!


Jacket: Asos

Jeans: Asos

Blouse: TopShop (last season-linked similar)

Belt: Gucci

Bag: Valentino


Snigdha xx


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  1. Preeti
    December 13, 2017 / 6:09 am

    Hi Snigdha,

    I am in love with your coat, I also love pearls too. I love all your blogs. You look picture perfect in all your photos. The way you manage your home, health, family, career, blogs and vlogs is totally inspirational.

    Although, I would love to see your other photos with big laugh

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