5 Things I Do To Stay Organised

If this is your first time on my blog, let’s start afresh. Hi, I am a new mum with a 12 week old baby girl,Ella.

When Ella was born, I had my mum with me for a month to support me and look after us. A month later when my mum left I felt overwhelmed and didn’t really know how I would manage everything with a new baby alongside blogging and the usual thing called life. I did not know HOW I would do it but I knew that I WOULD do it! And that was the beginning of figuring out the HOW.

I asked myself what I was most worried about ( for me it was cooking) and took it from there. So without further ado, I would like to share the 5 Things I do to stay organised and on top of my day.

Make a List

I have a task list, a very long exhaustive list of chores ranging from responding to emails to running errands. I’m a pen and paper kind of girl.Everything goes on the list and the list gets updated everyday. Ticking things off of this list gives me a major sense of achievement and it is the biggest efficiency driver for me.

Meal Prep

My biggest worry was cooking, not just because I hate cooking but also because I didn’t want to end up eating junk food or not eating at all due to the lack of time. So I decided to get organised, I plan a menu every week, get my food shopping delivered every Friday evening and do the week’s cooking on the Saturday morning. Not having to cook daily means I save a lot of time everyday. It’s also helped my weight loss journey( read about it here)

Make ‘You’ Time

Straight after Ella was born, I suffered from baby blues because as much as I loved Ella I missed my ‘me time’, simple things like doing my nails, putting a face mask on, reading a book, or just having a cup of tea whilst catching up on Game of Thrones. So I consciously decided to find the me time everyday and it helped me physically and mentally to get a grip of my life and feel organised.


Some of you may wonder how Exercise can be a way of being organised. It certainly is, because again it makes you feel better and increases your efficiency, it powers your body and mind. So I do try to fit in an exercise slot in my daily routine just like I do breakfast. Over the last few months I’ve realised that ‘organised’ is not just a state of physical being but also a state of mind.

Your PerfectDay

Have a think about what your ideal day looks like. You wake up in the morning, get yourself ready and rocking, have breakfast, tidy the house, get your baby ready and after all this, you know it’s only 8 o clock! Haha! Joke, that’s a dream but whatever it is, have a realistic perfect day sketched out in your head so you know what you are aiming at. Having a goal makes working for it much easier.

Hope you are able to relate to the post even if you are not a Mummy.


Snigdha xx


12 thoughts on “5 Things I Do To Stay Organised

  1. The determination and self Motivation you show is absolutely recommendable…. luv that line being organized is not state of physical …. it’s a state of mind. Very inspirational post …. totally loved it…. and

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