Losing the Baby Weight: My Diet And Workout Routine

Losing the Baby Weight: My Diet And Workout Routine

I would devour half a tub of chocolate ice-cream, have a pint of coke and then very swiftly start planning my next meal, that was my pregnancy life, lol and I hasten to add all this was with a guilt free ‘I am pregnant’ pass! To be honest, I ate whatever I fancied, cravings don’t spare anyone when you are pregnant. In the same breath, I also knew that I also did not want to go several dress sizes up during pregnancy. I had known women who had only put on baby weight in the 9 moths and therefore I knew I could do it too.

So what did I do? Short story-I kept active, I did all the chores round the house, never took pregnancy as an excuse for not taking the stairs, always walked as much as I could everyday and when I cooked I cooked healthy, that was precisely all I did. So what happened as a result? Honestly, I did  go up one dress size, I couldn’t fit into any of my trousers and I hated it, but that helped me keep sight of my goal. I refrained from buying big clothes because I knew I would soon get comfortable in them and I dreaded the thought of it.

Being active on social media, meant I received several messages about how I lost weight after Ella was born and what my diet and workout routine was, and so I decided to do this detailed post.

In the first week after Ella was born I lost around 4 kilos and could feel the weight loss as my tummy felt like a deflated balloon. I continued to eat as much as my body needed which was a lot then, if you want to know how much, ask a breastfeeding mum, lol! I felt very hungry all the time and I ate as much as I needed to to get rid of the feeling, I used to be exhausted and all I could think of was when would I feel strong enough to be able to workout again. My advice, give your body everything it asks for in those first few weeks because that’s the recovery phase and you are rebuilding the foundation of your body.

2 weeks after Ella was born, I started going out for walks (just round the block) which I think is the best thing I did for myself- both body and mind. My daily routine slowly started picking up pace and 6 weeks flew past and I got an all clear from my doctor at my 6 week health check and that meant I was ready physically to start my weight loss journey. Here’s a list of things I personally did to help me lose a further few kilos.


I workout 4-5 times a week and sometimes twice a day. I am currently following Kayla Itsines’s 12 week Bikini Body Plan. Obviously I have to time my workouts appropriately between Ella’s sleeping hours but I take it as a challenge so I enjoy it. On my cardio days I go for a run or sometimes a brisk walk with Ella, whatever works. I have learnt that I may not always be in control, so I try to be adaptive.

2.Keep an Eye on the scales:

I weigh myself every week. I wouldn’t normally do this but when you gain a lot of weight, small weight loss victories are good and they have kept me going.

3.What I Eat:

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I prepare my meals for the week on Saturday, this gives me the independence to spend more time with Ella in the week and also allows me to eat healthy and home cooked food instead of junk or a takeaway. I try and create a variation in the menu so I look forward to having the meal for the day. My advice is, avoid cooking just one item for the whole week as you are more likely to get bored by Tuesday and by Monday if you were me.

4.Regulate the portion:

This is an extension to the point above, I cook and pack my meals every Saturday morning which means the portion size is regulated, I can only eat what’s defrosted for the day and in a way I feel regimented, eating a controlled portion helped me loose the first few pounds and I see it as a very efficient way for following a calorie controlled diet.

5.Healthy snacks:

When your body is used to eating loads, you are bound to feel hungry between meals, I have therefore planned some healthy snacks that are low in calorie. The point is, plan ahead. I usually go for the following:

  • Peanut butter on crackers
  • Apple and cashew nut butter
  • Pecan with honey
  • Carrots with hummus
  • Cucumber with seasoning- salt and pepper

6.What You Wear:

I spend all my days in my workout clothes, I do this because as soon as Ella sleeps, I can workout. I know this may sound silly to some but it works very well for me.What I’d also like to add is, don’t shy away from looking at yourself in the mirror. Accept your flaws so you can work on them, don’t hide behind baggy t shirts and plus sized jeans.  The more time I spend in my workout gear the more I feel inspired to get my bikini body back.

I still have a long journey from where I am currently, I have set myself weight loss goals and I am determined to achieve them. What I keep reminding myself is:

“There is no short cut, you eat right and you train hard”

If you are on a similar weight loss journey or just any weight loss journey then drop me a note and share your experiences, I’d love that.


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Snigdha xx

P.S. please consult your doctor before you start working out, I’m not a nutritionist and these are purely my experiences.



  1. Jody
    November 3, 2017 / 3:27 pm

    Great post! I really needed some pointers and these were so helpful! Thank you 💕💕💕

  2. November 3, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Wow such motivation! I love how you’re very disciplined and set a goal for yourself. I admire that aspect of you. I hear that saying all the time when pregnant ladies always make excuses for themselves not to do this and that. I mean if you really want to do it, you can! ☺️

  3. November 3, 2017 / 8:53 pm

    Such a motivating post Snigdha, Absolutely love the enthusiasm in you. All the pointers are a great guidelines for anyone who is on a weight loss journey.

  4. November 3, 2017 / 10:46 pm

    Well done! This is so inspiring, and you are so determined. I’m currently getting back into it and all the motivation helps! So thankyou for this post. My favorite snacks are boiled eggs, almond butter on celery or a cacao smoothie xx

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