Strong Views and High heels!

Strong Views and High heels!

What I’m wearing:

I started blogging in April 2016 and have been slowly growing in knowledge and experience through self criticism, planning and sheer love for what I do. I’ve spiralled through experiences and come across people I have huge admiration for, people who despite work, family and the drama called life are working long and hard to pursue their dreams. Here are a few lessons that have slowly come to me in due course..

    1. People will cringe : Remember, some people will cringe, they do not like you doing or starting something new. They won’t mind following bloggers but when you start blogging they will cringe, but that’s ok because slowly they will come round, or if not then they will continue to stalk you, they will watch all your instastories but may still not follow you and ‘like’ oh come on forget that! Either way that’s the first sign of success, keep going!
    2. Too good to be true: If it seems too good to be true then it most probably is, blogging is one of the fastest growing professions today but having said that, people don’t grow at million miles per hour, specially with average content, when I say average content, I count myself in it because there is very good content out there and the standards are very high. So spot the fake! I’m not judging anyone or saying anything is right or wrong all I am saying is know the difference between fake and real people and followers.
    3. Quantity or Quality: Ideally I think blogging requires both but if I was pushed to the edge and asked to choose, I’d pick Quality. I’ve seen people post too much too often and while I am all up for ‘to each their own’ I highly recommend some sort of filtering to sieve quality.
    4. Women for Women: I can proudly say that my biggest supporters in blogging are women and I have so much love and respect for them but there are also women online who royally wind me up, with their insecurities and narrow mindedness and sorry to say fake friendship too! But that is another subject! 
    5. Friends: With age I think my tolerance for fake friends has plummeted dramatically so I take a very strong stand when it comes to friendship, be passionate or don’t be! But I think I’ve also realised that some friends are only meant to be in a particular phase of life, they will come, play their part, you will laugh together and make memories and then they’ll erode from your life. They’ll get married, move away, you might become more successful than them. They might get jealous, it’s all human and also a big part of blogging, so the bottom line is stop expecting! If they shower love and support, embrace it and reciprocate, if they don’t, then don’t fret because life goes on regardless! 
    6. Be True: Like every profession being true to the job is so important, it’s ok to be ambitious and want a gazillion followers on Instagram but it’s also important to be able to look at your list of followers and say to yourself that at least 10 percent of them are real! Lol! Come On we all know the truth! I do admit that behind every Instagram photo is a number of photos that aren’t used and it does take a lot of effort but  I will not pretend to be somewhere or do something I’m not actually doing because it looks good on my Instagram, what is the point?! I will not talk about fashion in a patronising manner because that’s not who I am and that’s not what you want to see either! Let’s not pollute our online images, let’s build credibility.

This post hails from the frustration and learnings of the last year and life as a blogger. I’m happy with where I am and have a vision for where I’d like to be, along with a plan which bases itself on a lot of hard work and creativity. You make blogging what it is so keep reading, keep asking me questions and keep inspiring me to do what I love doing.

    Lots of love

    Snigdha xx 



    1. September 16, 2017 / 1:46 am

      The most relatable lines I’ve come across in a while…”But I think I’ve also realised that some friends are only meant to be in a particular phase of life, they will come, play their part, you will laugh together and make memories and then they’ll erode from your life.”
      Such deep truth… I wish it were easier coming to terms with this though…

    2. September 16, 2017 / 2:57 am

      Hey Snigdha, I finally remember to read your post lol busy at work today… I can’t agree more with what you wrote. It pretty much sums up what would be on my mind as well. All I can say is continue doing what you love doing and ignore the haters! 💖💕

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