The Big News

Well some of you knew about it and most of you didn’t. It is one of the happiest feelings in the world and my heart is full of love. Lee and I are expecting and are about to enter another exciting phase of our life together, I couldn’t have asked for more and it’s not very long before we have our little one! It’s been so hard not sharing everything on Instagram, planning outfits that don’t show my bump, or taking pictures that don’t show my double chin. It has all been very tricky yet very exciting, while I’ve waited to feel ready to share everything on social media! Thanks to Jennifer (my photographer) who always finds an angle that makes me look slim haha! 

Life has changed a lot because my fitness routine has gone out of the window, I eat like a monster and have transitioned from eating loads of watermelon to cucumber to carrots (at the mo!). I have been drinking fizzy drinks like there is no tomorrow and chocolate is my best friend. I have enjoyed being pregnant and been active overall because I did not want to put on a lot of weight, I’ve still gained around 10 kilos which my midwife thinks is baby weight haha. I’m 38 weeks pregnant, I haven’t worn jeans, trousers or heels for the last four months apart from those odd photo shoots for the blog, I still fit in my size 10 dresses which I wear to work. I haven’t bought any maternity clothes ( apart from this t shirt) because I think they are a waste of money and there are a number of ways of reusing your existing wardrobe if you want to save a few quid. I haven’t had mood swings like Phoebe from Friends, or so I think anyway lol, you’ll have to ask Lee to be sure.

I cannot wait to start this new chapter of sleepless nights and baby cuddles, I know the first few months will be hard ( or so people say) but I am looking forward to it and couldn’t be more excited. Life will change a lot and already has changed, small things like where we book our next holiday, what I spend my money on ( handbag or baby grows) what car we buy, what clothes I can wear (at the moment anyway).

Pregnancy has taught me the biggest lesson that was somewhat missing from my life- Patience! I’ve been waiting for 8 and a half months and for an incredibly impatient person like me that deserves a mini Oscar.

I will share more about my pregnancy journey, my not so different wardrobe, my baby shower and the soon to arrive baby Bircher with you in the next few days.

Thank You for reading
Lots of Love

Snigdha & Lee xx


10 thoughts on “The Big News

  1. Snigdha…I have been smiling all the time while reading this blog. I remember a young girl whom I met when she had just begun her professional life and now I see a totally new (definitely better) person in form of to be mommy. I can’t express how happy and excited I am that I am literally having tears in my eyes (happy wale of course). You are going to be a best mommy in the world.

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  2. Amazing news Kittu! Though I knew the big news, it still gave me a different kind of happiness reading your blog & seeing your pics.
    Wish u an amazing journey of motherhood.

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  3. Hey sexy u look sexy in ds pregy look as well..congrats to u nd lee for such a big news.
    D way u shared ds news is totally different nd amazing…waiting for more blogs..once again congratulations and god bless u guys..luv u..😍😍😍😍

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    1. Congratulations mommy to be! U luk sexy n cute at d same time vch is not easy😉.. be happy. Soon ur life will change from ur shopping list to ur baby ‘s shopping list, handbag to diaper bag, heels to comfortable flat footwears, wine bottles to milk bottles& lingerie to diapers🤣🤣🤣 N u knw wat u will luv that transition

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  4. Congratulations Snigdha and Lee ! You will be expecting a bigger Oscar after baby arrival n his/her care… Tace care and All the Best !

    Best Wishes !

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