What you Asked me!

What you Asked me!

So, last week I started the #AskMe series and I loved receiving your questions, thank you so much lovelies, here’s what I have to say:

On Career and the ‘Work-Life’ balance:



Hey lovely,

I am an IT Project Manager by profession and I love what I do, I enjoy work when I am at work and the whole corporate life is something I am very passionate about. The project management aspect draws itself on to my blogging life too as I plan things for my blog in advance which helps me strike a balance. Having said that I would love to have more hours in the day for blogging, but I am sure all of us bloggers feel that way, don’t we?


About Blogging:



Hey S,

Thanks a lot, for very long I struggled with finding a theme/filter that fits all but feel that I have probably now found one that I can play around with without it dominating my pictures too much. I feel the idea is to create something that is very you and then be disciplined, I’ve told myself not to post pictures that don’t go with the theme, I hate it in the moment but thank myself later when I see my Instagram wall in a cohesive theme. I love how colourful and vibrant your IG looks, but I know the struggle.



I have always enjoyed writing and fashion and I felt that if I combined the two I could perhaps pursue both and appeal to a wider audience, so that’s how I decided to launch my blog professionally. I also had a blog at university which of course wasn’t exactly the most fashionable and refined platform but I am proud of it anyway 🙂

I usually use VSCO for editing my pictures as they have very good filters, but sometimes just the iPhone filters work ok.

It is a combination of a bit of planning, the motivation I receive from bloggers (like yourself) around the world and reader’s feedback. I usually plan my posts in advance, then plan outfits and book a date to shoot accordingly. Its not easy because a full time job means a lot of commitment but then we don’t like it easy do we? I do get a thrill from planning and posting on the blog, I am sure you know the feeling.:)



Reena, thanks for your question. I think I love everything about blogging, it is so me, writing, shopping, interacting, taking pictures, designing ideas and because I enjoy every part of it, it makes it exciting and I look forward to doing it. But what really keeps me going is the feedback and responsiveness of my readers on social media. If I ask a question on Instastories and get a response it makes me really happy, a comment here and a message there really brightens up my day. So, thank you for your support. 🙂



My favourite part of blogging is the freedom it gives me, the freedom to express and create whatever my heart desires, which is exactly what I thought blogging would be. There is more to blogging though, it can be unfair sometimes because you put in so much effort into each blog post but there is always the risk that it may not appeal to all your audience but then I have so much love and support from you girls that it all makes it worth it in the end.

Beauty and fitness:



Haha, very kind of you. The reason I want to answer this is because I am actually so critical and hard on myself, I don’t post pictures till I am entirely happy with them. I believe in quality more than quantity and therefore what you see on Instagram is only a fraction of my life. Most times I’m in my PJs with my hair up and no makeup lol, not glamorous at all and you certainly wouldn’t think I’m pretty. 🙂



I am 5’8’’ tall, so no high heels for me please! 🙂



Thanks a lot honey, I wouldn’t say I have a super-sexy figure but can definitely share some things I do to keep fit. Over the last few years I have gone from working out in the gym- lifting weights, to religiously following the Bikini Body guide by Kayla Itsines to long distance running. It seems to vary each year for me but what I try to do is set myself yearly fitness goals. A year to achieve my goal means I must be consistent and focussed and to be honest ‘my goals’ keeps me driven. My suggestion would be, try different things to find what you enjoy and then set yourself a goal and pursue it, because when you accomplish your goals, it is the best feeling in the world. Balancing it with your diet is also very important but I am probably not the right person to give advice on that front because I have very naughty eating habits.




I’ve always had a vision for what I wanted my house to look like. It was mainly neutral walls with a pop of colour from accessories. When we started decorating our house (Yes we did it ourselves, all the painting, wall papers etc), I spent hours on Pinterest and saved several ideas that I could incorporate in my home. The trick is, identify your taste and stick with it. When I go shopping for furniture, in store or online I see several beautiful pieces that I like, but I always ask myself, does it go with my theme, if it doesn’t then I don’t buy it! My advice is – do a lot of research to ensure you know exactly what you want and then patience to wait till you find exactly what you are looking for!

If you’d like to ask me any other question, just DM/email me on instagram. I’d love to hear from you.


Hangbag: JuliaKays

Dress: Asos (similar)



Snigdha x




  1. Priyanka Parijat
    August 11, 2017 / 5:16 pm

    loved reading your replies sister. going great. and yes the bag looks really cool!!!

  2. Ankita Mehta
    August 12, 2017 / 7:18 am

    Beautifully written Snigdha!!!!Love d way you style urself..N Ys wl definitely follow d fitness advice.. Thanks 😘

  3. Reena (Garima)
    November 15, 2017 / 7:05 pm

    Thanks for replying S. I always look forward to your posts on Instagram.
    I admire you for your dedication and yes, you truly are an inspiration. Most of the times, I hear from the working women that it’s impossible to do homely jobs when you are a professional but you set a example to negate that statement. This is what makes you different and inspirational.
    I hope I will start running small distances soon.


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