5 Points To Consider While Buying A Designer Handbag

5 Points To Consider While Buying A Designer Handbag
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I love clothes, shoes, bags and accessories like every girl does but deep down I am a handbag person, I spend ages browsing through Instagram and Net-a-Porter looking at handbags constantly reminding myself of the boring stuff i.e. the balance I need to strike between what I earn and what I save before spending because I do secretly take after my father who has taught me the essentials of saving he says, ‘Save Money and Money saves you’.

Well, for now, let’s put aside his words of wisdom and  acknowledge that my love affair with handbags is real, so from my experience, heres a few things I’d like to share with you if you are planning to buy your next designer handbag.

1. Stick with basics

If you have a big handbag collection, you don’t need to read this point, but if you are like me and in the process of creating a carefully curated collection of designer handbags then here’s one for you- initially stick with basics, in my view they are:

  • A neutral coloured work handbag: Black, Tan, Ox blood are some of my favourite colours
  • An evening bag: black or dark coloured
  • A daytime/wedding bag: light coloured
  • A Travel bag: Big and spacious

2.  Set a Price bracket and a Delta

We all start with a max budget in mind, we save accordingly and so the story starts but it doesn’t quite continue that way, because I personally always end up picking bags that are slightly over my budget and then the moral dilemma kicks in, so I’ve learnt to always set myself a budget and then a small amount I’d allow myself to exceed should I find something absolutely stunning, but anything beyond that is not permissible because there is always the risk of ending up with buyer’s remorse. This advice is from my experience of buying my Dolce Gabbana handbag, so ladies this is real talk and straight from my heart.

3. Look at Pre loved Items too

If you really want a bag and its either not available or too pricey, there is no harm in looking at preloved items, there are several websites out there such as Vestiare Collective, Collector Square, Hardly Ever Worn it etc and from my experience most people take good care of their designer purchase so you are likely to get a good product at a reduced price! Bargain!

4. Take your time

Do not rush into it, there is no pressure! Plan your purchase well in advance so you have enough time to browse and be sure of the bag you want. If possible, pop into showrooms and try on the bags you’ve shortlisted to ensure they are what you really want, online shopping can sometimes be tricky. The real assessment of size and usability comes from physically trying on items.

5.  Cost per wear

Those of you who know me well will know I always assess my purchase on the cost per wear value. If I pay £1500 for a handbag and wear it everyday to work then I have no guilt whatsoever in spending that money. So always assess the cost per wear of the bag you buy because there are factors that determine the cost per wear such as:

  • Is the bag weather proof?
  • Does it go with many outfits?
  • Does it need too much care?
  • Is it too delicate?

These questions will help you know the amount of wear you get out of a bag.

So girls, hope you find this post useful and good luck with the next purchase!

Link to my new handbag: Valentino

Much Love

Snigdha xx




  1. July 28, 2017 / 12:07 am

    Super useful post – things I would’ve never considered!

  2. March 8, 2018 / 4:08 pm

    Thank you for all the tips for buying a designer handbag. I really want to find a new handbag, but I’m having a really hard time choosing what kind to get. I really like your tip about getting a neutral colored work handbag. That would be a good idea! It would be nice to have a handbag that would match with almost any outfit.

    • March 8, 2018 / 6:56 pm

      Mulberry do some good work bags, the Bayswater is a good buy from Bicester:)

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