Being Cacti !

Cacti for many reasons, perhaps like avocado and broccoli seems to have suddenly risen to fame through Instagram in the last few years. I hasten to add that my love for cacti is not recent, I’ve always adored them and I have reasons far more interesting than just its photogenic presence in various corners of my house.
Cacti have a personality of their own, one I admire, they are not greedy, they don’t ask for attention or food or water. They are proud, and quietly stand tall to defy the conventional standards of beauty set by the blooms every season, they are spiky yet beautiful in their own way. And if you think they’re ugly they don’t care, they don’t crave cuddles, why else would they grow a layer of spines? You know, they believe in themselves and the rest they don’t care about, a trait we must all learn as women because we are so often subject to evaluation based on our appearance, sadly not our brains!
The whole family of cacti have so many adaptations of themselves to suit harsh conditions and they live through it, so if you are struggling because of a turbulent time in life, I assertively insist that you go and spend a few pounds in exchange of a cactus to draw inspiration from, I’m hoping it will help.
Also like all my friends, they are undeniably trustworthy and loyal, I bought a few last year and they are faithfully sat on the mantelpiece in my bedroom; through the seasons there has been no dramatic sulking like the peonies or the tulips, that want immediate attention and a lot of pounds spent to own and maintain them.
They come in various shapes and sizes, like all of us, but even without a brain they know, perhaps better than us humans, that no shape is ever ugly, nothing erodes their confidence, they respect themselves and that automatically draws respect and admiration from others, which is why I’ve written a whole blog post about them and I don’t regret it.
And if your house is a cacti virgin, you are missing out, so if you’re going out to get some flowers or plants for your house today and get beckoned by the fancy jazz of lilies or peonies, I won’t blame you but I urge you to also flirt a little with the idea of buying a cactus or two too because they are beautiful and inspiring and because I’ve hopefully convinced you to own some. 🙂
What I’m wearing
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Three must have holiday dresses
Dress 2: Maxi dress
Dress 3: Bardot dress
Snigdha xx

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