Wedding Wear

As Spring starts to slowly simmer into Summer, it brings with it beautiful flowers, lush cocktails and of course the wedding season. I love being invited to weddings, the more formal ones, where you get a chance to dress up, drink generous amounts of champagne and eat cake! Why not! While the thought of dressing up is wonderful, there is an underlying misery of several unproductive hours that … Continue reading Wedding Wear

Being Cacti !

Cacti for many reasons, perhaps like avocado and broccoli seems to have suddenly risen to fame through Instagram in the last few years. I hasten to add that my love for cacti is not recent, I’ve always adored them and I have reasons far more interesting than just its photogenic presence in various corners of my house. Cacti have a personality of their own, one I admire, … Continue reading Being Cacti !

Take the first step!

About three years ago, on a sunny day, I casually skipped into town and went into Debenhams, accidentally stopped at the Dior beauty counter and was overwhelmed by the hospitality and magic of makeup. I left the shop a few hundred pounds poorer but feeling like an absolute diva, and so my makeup journey officially commenced. Ever since, my life changed a little bit, time … Continue reading Take the first step!