Chase Simple!

Chase Simple!
My wardrobe is a carefully curated collection of sustainable fashion. I mostly pick simple things for my wardrobe , those that are effortless and elegant, very similar to the people I like,simple. The complicated ones I cannot understand and I end up confused, a state of mind I don’t like!
This principle of simplicity therefore reflects in my ever so vast collection of white shirts, indisputably the timeless classic. I feel I own many, too many white shirts but not regretfully so. I would genuinely recommend that you buy some too.
We’ve complicated our lives too much, drowning under our To Do lists and technology, I think the simple things may be slowly evaporating from our souls. The joys of strolling to a coffee shop for a laugh with friends, writing letters, the tiniest amount of pocket money, going out for a long walk and the basics of gratitude are somehow disappearing from our lives. Some of my happiest years were spent at university, with literally a handful of friends, an ever so dwindling bank account, a simple phone that was used only to call and text and a bland wardrobe I adored then. Life was good.
Some winter evenings are special, even though there are umpteen reasons to moan about, like the mercury dropping, my cave of a laundry room, the painful acknowledgment of bills, the Monday that is to follow the weekend, but just snuggling up with my husband and watching movies and eventually falling asleep on the sofa is priceless, how simple our minds and hearts truly are, so easily pleased.
I sometimes feel we are inevitably sucked into living up to the impossible portrayals of a successful life on social media, trying to make our lives perfect but instead end up complicating things.
So here’s stripping back to basics, a simple white shirt and a black pinafore dress with some flowers that remind me to be grateful for the sun is shining, I have a beautiful family and a small but special set of friends I love, we are alive and healthy, have a roof over our head and food on the table and warmth in our hearts that make us kind and happy.
Link to 3 must have White Shirts:
What I’m wearing:
Shirt: TM Lewin
Dress: Asos
Snigdha xx

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