Why not say Goodbye?

I’ve been sleeping like a baby lately, bedtime is 9pm and I usually wake up at 5:30. This amazes my husband who cannot believe how blissfully I sleep. Good sleep has meant I’ve mostly been very calm and happy, I’ve allowed myself time to think and be grateful which is very important. The weather unlike my thoughts has been very inconsistent, sometimes flirting with gorgeous sunny days and other times just being what English weather does best, change!
While I’m more than ready for Spring, I’m not quite done with Winter yet. It’s still like an open ended conversation which needs closure. My wardrobe is still transitioning, one day I decide to put my coats away, the next day they make their way back in because winter hasn’t had its closure yet.
Over the last few weeks I’ve realised that a huge factor of my anxiety comes from conversations that haven’t ended,in my head I mean, you know when I don’t feel like I’ve said everything I needed to, where my thoughts were mature but they didn’t quite mature into words, and that inevitably turns my thoughts into a crazy runner on a treadmill, running incessantly to get somewhere but obviously they don’t! Exhausting! You know that’s the kind of closure (or not) I’m talking about, those frustrate me.
So as I get older,I realise  that, “Sometimes walking away shows us everything we need to know, clarity exists in the distance that begins with goodbye and forgiveness. And goodbyes mean arrival, to new places and new people, I’d rather always be arriving and finding new loyalty, freedom and courage, than living in the fear of doubt and the fear of losing.”
So I’ve turned off that treadmill of thoughts, and my wardrobe, it can take it’s time to transition, but that won’t stop me from welcoming spring, I’ve faithfully said my goodbyes to those leftover conversations in my head and to winter; said hello to spring, which much like this dress is going to be bright and colourful!
Link to 3 must have Gingham dresses this season:
Dress 1: Red Smock dress
Dress 2: Blue Cold Shoulder dress
Snigdha xx

8 thoughts on “Why not say Goodbye?

  1. Oh those unfinished conversations… The feeling when you have so much more to say but you are not sure it is worth the time and effort… I guess the key is letting go! Opening a new door, reading the next chapter, welcoming spring, and awakening to the happy songs of birds and bright colors of nature!

    Totally love that dress!!

    Happy weekend, babe!!


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  2. Wow such a cute dress and you are looking gorgeous as always… very beautiful thought about bringing in spring!!! have a great year ahead….

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  3. Well said, clarity lies in distance and it’s important to say goodbye to somethings, most importantly in your thoughts! You’re looking so beautiful!! And I’m gonna look for the blue gingham dress! 😀
    Lots of Love 🙂

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  4. Totally loved the mature thought of yours….“Sometimes walking away shows us everything we need to know, clarity exists in the distance that begins with goodbye and forgiveness”.

    Loved the post and your dress…

    Happy Springs!!

    Lots of love

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