Return of the Rant

Return of the Rant

I have always written, it began with a faithful affair with my pink glittery diary as a 9 year old which then lead to spilling words on to a blog I created at university, it was shabby but I cherish it boundlessly and now I have this space I absolutely adore. What I am trying to say is that over the years I have found solace in simply expressing myself by writing, because here, with you I can be honest.

On the context of honesty I want to share some of my frustrations with you, about people and circumstances, along with some words of wisdom coming from a 20 something year old.


Our jobs can be thrilling and tiring at the same time but to me my ambition has always been like my weekends, an experience that stirs positivity in me and then I somersault into the week with new energy. Yesterday I was aimlessly flicking through Facebook when I came across a video that said “the biggest honour for a leader is helping his people grow”,  I didn’t watch the full video. Annoying as it is, I feel I have met a fair few people in my career who have told me why I cannot grow,more than showing me how I can, even worse is that these people hold power but don’t realise that power is not control, power is strength, strength that needs to be shared not withheld. My advice is don’t surrender!


I have to also sorely admit that you may never get what you deserve, when you deserve it, they will bruise your confidence and beat the enthusiasm out of you before giving you what you asked for. To you my advice is, in a few years time when you are the big boss don’t be like them, our generation has so much responsibility, we have no room for compromise. Ambition is a rarity and ambition coupled with talent is even rarer, when you find it, tap it instead of demoralising it.


So much of my life has been spent in sharing with people my vision and desire to excel. I will proudly admit that at times I have been in conversations with people where I’ve flipped sides and looked at myself with admiration for the drive and enthusiasm I have in my heart. But that sadly hasn’t always been respected and I know you’ll say that that is life, unfair and arduous. So my self-taught lesson is, protect your ambition and be persistent and patient you have to keep pushing and keep pushing, but also being patient doesn’t mean success will arrive, you still have to put your boots on and go out looking for it every single day until you find it!


This is a sore but special subject. I read, not exactly voraciously but enough to make my experiences wealthy. My fault is I toss myself too quickly into looking for inspiration in others, I hook my hopes on people’s experiences, I study their career paths I trust them because I have read about so many successful people have role models who have shown them the right path and bolstered their confidence. I know it sounds cliché but cliches most often are true, I’m sure you’ve had your assorted few clichés too. But I’ve decided to reteach myself that frantically diving into trusting people will not make my life easier, I have to fight my own fights and have my share of stupid conversations with people who feel intelligent in believing that age is a guarantee of efficiency, I am bound to make acquaintance with people who will not let me grow faster than they have but on the other side of this, I will emerge honed and sharp like an arrow from a bow. I may never find a role model but through my experiences I can one day be one!

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Snigdha xx

                   PHOTOGRAPHY BY

                        Jennifer Sinclair



Trousers: Asos

Top: Zara

Shoes: Asos (similar)

Belt: Gucci

Bag: Gucci


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    Loved your beautiful article and of course the pictures 🙂

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