A hot beverage

A hot beverage

Well winter is officially upon us and I refuse to shift from one place to another without a cup of tea. On the weekends when I leave the house to run errands I find myself skipping down to the nearest Starbucks or Costa to buy myself a hot drink to keep me company, latest love, the Christmas lattes! They are delicious, do you know every drink makes memories? And like a good fragrance, it fetches the most distant memory from your heart, yes I insist that good memories are always in your heart not in your mind.A good cup of coffee, it takes me back to my university days, no, nights actually, cold winter nights in Jaipur where making coffee was actually a little vacation from the pile of books that sat on our study tables and slept with us in our beds! I have fond memories of giggles with my girlfriends over cups of coffee that were intended to keep us awake so we could study all night but actually lead to innumerable distractions into chats that I dearly recall now while writing my blog.

A good cup of tea on the other hand is what my husband makes me every morning! On days where we have more time than we need, we sit down on the sofa looking out to our garden talking about chores that need doing and friends we need to catch up with because it’s been long. I also bore him with my saved online shopping cart that he carelessly gives a nod to, we talk about holidays that need to be planned and occasionally reminiscing how we met and fell in love, then bursting into giggles because he always has something funny to say!

Caffeine is not the protagonist of this story!It’s not why I like a hot beverage, it’s the cosy feeling that I’m after, you know the one in anticipation of Christmas, that cold crisp air that makes you want to sit by the fire, eat chocolates, with thick blankets piled atop a sofa, a winter candle burning, watching Christmas films in comfy pyjama.If you could preserve all that and store in a cup, that is a hot drink for me!

In my mind there is a certain something about the other side of Xmas that slips reality back into life and so a cup of coffee, tea or even a hot chocolate ( that’s extreme indulgence) stands for all the comfort and memories of winter and perhaps a little escape from reality!

Snigdha x


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  1. December 16, 2016 / 6:24 pm

    Snigdga, It’s such a bliss to read your blog, wonderful expression and love how you look at little yet most important things in life.. for me this little article was a quick escape from reality , like you said too .. 🙂
    Lovely pictures, looking forward to your next post 🙂
    Lots of Love,

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