Not many words

I have written and re written words that are half formed like my thoughts and make very little sense. So scrap that! I’ve pledged not to post articles that don’t inspire me, I’m aware that I may be violating the sacred rule of blogging that talks about frequency but to me that’s like serving a badly baked cake, why would I do that when I know I can wait and bake you something nice another day!But these pictures, they couldnt wait any longer, they’ve had their share of drama anyway travelling from the camera to this window of my life, called my blog! Having had my first encounter with ‘Camera troubles’ I can assure you it wasn’t a pleasant rendezvous and I’d rather not have that second date with it. As for the brevity of this article, I must tell you that days are simply not long enough and time just seems to run out, between early mornings for work and late night for online shopping, I only just manage to squeeze in a session at the gym where I incessantly pound the treadmill to improve my personal best, so for now, hope the beauty of Cornwall takes your attention away from the lack of words in this post.

Snigdha xx
What I’m wearing :

Skirt- Zara ( similar)


Bag- Gucci

Shoes- Asos (similar)


3 thoughts on “Not many words

  1. It is always nice to read your post everytime Snigdha. I Am not a frequent reader of articles published in books or reading any novel but whenever I read your new articles it makes me feel so good from inside because I have known the person who is writing so I am able to connect more to your writings.

    Thank you so much

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