Have Courage & Be Kind

I met a lot of people this last month, some new and some, a completely new side to them! Oh yea adversity brings out over 50 shades of strangeness. πŸ˜‰
I like observing people, noticing the variation in their behaviour, the ups and downs, the indifference they show sometimes, the anger when things are out of their control, the excitement, the love, extreme passion and sometimes just effortless inspiration! I observe because I’m hopelessly porous and my observations, they just come naturally, absorbing emotions like a sponge, they make me sad but I’d rather be sensitive than insensitive! You can disagree!

The Horrible

So several times last month I found myself questioning, why did my parents not teach me to be as reactive as others, shout back and be impolite . Why am I so utterly incapable of being horrible to people? I don’t mean horrible but just being horrible back, that’s ok isn’t it? Just an average amount of nastiness would probably be ok.

The Inspiring

I also met some very inspiring people, now inspiration I believe is one of the biggest gifts you can give someone. And I insist that Inspiration, she is not single, she is married to hope! And that’s a winning combination! So the fair few inspiring people I know I will hold on to, always! I want to be like them and then like Santa generously spread happiness around!

The Grumpy

 I also met people who are perpetually grumpy! They never smile, never! How jaded their lives must be! Several times I’ve been so furious I’ve almost gone up to them wanting to shake them and ask, how difficult is it to say good morning with a smile?or what can I get you? Or just excuse me Or thank you! I think smiling should be made mandatory?! You should be fined if you don’t!
At work, I understand, because some people consider ‘no smile’ as a characteristic of seniority! Their faces as cold as England’s weather! Honestly it makes me sad to think that people give up on one of the most precious things they can share, smile! 
And there have been days I have intentionally not wished those people, good morning, or ignored them in coffee queues, but it is immensely tiring because it doesn’t come naturally and everything unnatural is so exhausting, like fake eyelashes and hair extensions! 

So with a cocktail of people and experiences around me I realised that while I desperately want to become efficient in dealing with the impolite idiots, I secretly get frustrated and disheartened by their behaviour, so why would I want to embrace it?
Truth be told, nobody can teach you things you are not willing to learn. We all have our moments, moments of feeling weak because we couldn’t be rude to people who were rude to us, thinking about conversations that come to haunt us! 

But girls I think in those moments we just need to put our invisible crown on, throw some sparkle around n like Cinderella, tell ourselves, to have courage and be kind! 

Snigdha xx


What I’m Wearing:

Shirt: HnM

Jumpsuit: HnM ( similar)

Shoes: Debenhams

Bag: Mulberry


7 thoughts on “Have Courage & Be Kind

  1. This was quite an interesting read and I kept smiling while reading it….. So perfectly described different shades n moods of ppl around us….

    Just can’t ignore on elite from read us “inspiration is not single, she is married to hope…” wow how aptly said..!!! Very deep..

    This is one the most interesting blog by you… I mean all are good… But i found this one fun to read…

    Supriya xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really could relate to you. How can someone wish Good morning or evening without a smile, I wonder! The positive vibes sent out by a smiling face are matchless.
    And you do send those vibes hun! Keep smiling! Stay gorgeous!! Xoxo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am very lucky to have mostly wonderful people around me and like everyone I come across some impolite idiots at times.Today was one such day and what a lovely and satisfying read this was! I also read out a few lines to Abhishek.
    At such times I do feel bad for a little while but what is extremely difficult for me is to understand how on earth can someone have such pity thoughts. Unfortunately these impolite idiots are going to die as idiots ,missing out on all the beautiful things that life has to offer.
    Reading your words I know you have a beautiful soul. Don’t let these idiots cloud your thoughts ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shriti I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it and it had relevance in some way, I have to say that I’ve only recently come across such people but then they are always around and sometimes we unfortunately cross paths lol. Hope you both are doing well! And it really means a lot that you read my blog and appreciate it xxx


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