What I bought!

What I bought!

When I was 18, I remember convincing my mum to buy me an expensive pair of sunglasses. I remember walking into a fancy shop with her and trying on shades that were then the most ‘luxury’ I could afford! A few thousand rupees lighter, I walked out of the shop with a super smug face and a mother who was quietly questioning my desire to splash out so much money!

A decade later, my definition of luxury might have changed but the smug face and excitement, that’s still around!
Last week, I went shopping with my mum and sister, an afternoon I loved, buying expensive coffee and posh teas, taking photos, giggling over snooty looking shop assistants in Prada, a few too many glasses of rose, apple and creme fraiche crepes to die for and shops too expensive for impulsive shopping; time (and money) slipped away very quickly and I came home with a precious little handbag that I absolutely adore and wanted to share with you ladies!

A bag must be many things but ‘practical’ and ‘sexy’ are two important qualities for me and finding the two in one isn’t really the hard part because there is a crazy number of talented designers out there who make the most stunning handbags in the world but fitting those bags in my ever so stretching budget is a challenge; so this black beauty that I choose (after several rounds of talking myself in and out of it ) was just the right one for me!

So here’s my disclaimer, if money is no object and you buy designer handbags like you would a bag of popcorn at the cinema, this is not the post for you but if you are like me and plan your pennies every month to allow yourself an occasional indulgence then here’s a few pictures and may be an idea for your next purchase 😉 !

Link to ‘The bag‘ I bought:



Snigdha xx





  1. Supriya
    October 7, 2016 / 12:59 am

    Woooooh…. What a stunning bag…. It looks even bettet in ur hands… 😊
    I totally agree with u…. Save penny every month and then Occasional indulgence is absolutely fine to do….
    U look great as always in all the pics…..

    Keep writing…
    Luv ya…

  2. Ananya
    October 7, 2016 / 6:56 pm

    What a beauty!..both you and the bag! 😉☺
    Ps I love your heels as well!

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