If Our jobs were like the Seasons..

If Our jobs were like the Seasons..

I was walking back from work today so got sometime to think, I do enjoy my own company, and I hope that doesn’t sound too narcissistic!?I noticed the signs of Autumn and I thought what if our jobs were like the seasons…

Warm carefree Summer that was only meant for colours and creativity. Boundless imagination that wasn’t contained by narrow conventional thinkers. Where naivety was cherished as much as the budding tulips and the general hierarchy of the corporate (that I absolutely loathe!) was synonymous to the unfamiliar grey clouds.
On the sidewalks of the street I see some leaves that have had their days of flamboyance over summer and are now almost enjoying the quiet closeness to the earth. Are we all longing for that period of stability in our jobs where we find ourselves at peace and where ‘Ambition’ has overcome its immaturity. 
I quickly realise that if I spun a story of my life I’d find myself longing to be in Autumn but my thoughts currently are like confetti and I am actually far from Autumn.
I fill my lungs with cold crisp air and start thinking about Winter, a season that brings warmth and as ironic as it sounds, in my mind Winter does bring abundant warmth. The more the season wants to break nature, the more beautiful nature gets! I’ve often found myself spurred on by negativity in my career, it leaves me intrigued, to know more of what people think I cannot do because in defiance lies pleasure, and that pleasure is success!
It’s about the cold winter teaching a harsh lesson and making me stronger which means handling criticism with courage not shame! Not everyone is confident but Winter is about being hard working, where work no matter how familiar,may be hard.
Your favourite season will always come around , every year and year after year and you’ll get older and wiser; with seasons your job will change into a career but your career will never be yours until you really own it and believe that it is yours. If you feel you don’t like your season ( read job) then create a new season for yourself, don’t be compelled to agree with the society or your boss! 

Walk’s over, talk’s over!

Snigdha xx


Top : Zara

Culottes: Zara

Bag: Dolce and Gabbana 

Shoes: Gucci


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