Hashtag Girl Power

 Hashtag Girl Power

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Over the last few months I have seen a gradual network being auto knit, this is a network of girls on social media, consciously or unconsciously they’ve come together to uplift and show love to each other! I’ve always wanted women to support women, and I’ve always believed in girl power. 

 The society has been so stereotypical about girls ! You know the kind of ‘bitching about each other thing’ and the ‘other’ complex dynamics between girls that supposedly makes it easier for people to believe that two girls are more likely to not get on with each other. 

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I sometimes think, is the society’s paradigm of the typical woman so shallow? And has that notion rubbed off on us? 

Are women really incapable of appreciating each other? Does jealousy come naturally to us or do we just modestly soak up the accusations?

But anyway the conclusion has become so dominating that it makes me want to defy it! May be just to prove those conventional idiots wrong!!

So here I’ll say it, I love my girl friends, I’m proud of them and I will always be, whatever they do! And I think it is rather inspiring when I see girls supporting each other because why not?! There is so much we can offer, let love and courage be the first things we share and let’s be recklessly generous with it!


Snigdha xx

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  1. Sayantani
    September 18, 2016 / 5:32 am

    Couldn’t have agreed more with your thoughts! There is so much that we have as a sorority to offer to each other – love, compassion, support and everything positive in this world! Let’s be that voice saying -‘you can do it’ to every woman who is fighting her own battles.. or is showing the courage to do anything that the society has told her she shouldn’t be doing just because she is a girl!
    Cheers to having each others back —

  2. Sumedha
    September 18, 2016 / 6:57 am

    Snig u r brilliant – love these posts n u look great! 😘
    ~ Sumedha.

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