Cancun:The Sea and my best friends

Cancun:The Sea and my best friends

I’m sat on the beach, only getting up for a splash in the sea, being served cocktails at my sun bed and the sun is only slightly shining on me through the tall Coconut trees that I simply adore. I wish I could take a part of this back to the UK, just a part is all I need.

Last night after dinner, Lee and I were walking on the beach it was so surreal, the beauty of nature, so simple and yet incomparable. I think I’ll never be able to use the right words to express how I feel when I see the sea, it restores my faith in the thought that beauty lies in simplicity.

The last 4 months have been like 4 years in a way, Time oh my friend Time is a constant paradox, it drags on and yet flies past so soon, it takes away age but fosters internal beauty, it’s an incomprehensible concept and that’s why we are all chasing it!

As much as I’ve laughed and cried, achieved and enjoyed in the last 4 months I’ve deeply yearned for a relaxing break. There were points where I was boundlessly energetic, running mile after mile each week, to working incessantly like my career was a sprint, so for the first time in years I felt like I had earned my holiday, one that had no agenda, where days were simply meant to be turning in to star lit nights and cocktails into champagne without having to achieve much.

I’ve been reckless with my food n have inevitably put on a few pounds that will come to haunt me over the next few months but i haven’t shied away from taking photos, some I look fat n ugly but that’s the truth n I have come to terms with it, specially because I have no intent to watch my calories while I’m on this white sandy beach in the Caribbean.

The sea is like my long distance best friend, even though we don’t see each other very often, we love each other unquestionably. It only takes a few minutes to revive the bond and when we part we kiss goodbye with a heavy heart but big plans to reunite.
So until next time!

Hasta Lavista



  1. Supriya
    September 10, 2016 / 1:31 am

    U look gorgeous babe… Not a single inch here and there… Just perfect….keep shining like sunshine… Loved reading ur blog…. Very nicely written….


  2. Priyanka Parijat
    September 10, 2016 / 1:24 pm

    Sister, you look simply stunning in these pictures and I can only imagine how much fun you are having there. the place is so scenic and serene. Hope you guys are having a great time there.


  3. September 12, 2016 / 7:55 am

    Lovely pictures and write-up Snigdha.. I like the way you’ve compared the sea to best friends.. it’s true that we dont take long time to connect to both though we don’t see each other so often… 🙂 And You look more stunning than ever .. 🙂
    Keep writing, I love to read your blog 🙂

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