Being spoilt!

I’ve always been the birthday obsessed kind of ‘girly girl’ but as years have slipped by I’ve calmed down a bit so this year we decided we’d spend the day in London, shopping, eating and just soaking up some London, the crazy life, the fantasy life!

Woke up to a cup of tea in bed, cards,a cake and flowers. I have the best husband in the world and everything we do together is special and that’s why every birthday is better than the one before and that’s why he is my soul mate!

Yes I miss my fam who are far away but I’ve got another very loving family here, my in laws are the best in laws in the world n so I say I’m a very lucky girl. 

My presents from my India fam arrived in time and although my mum doesn’t n won’t ever understand my love for expensive shoes n bags she is always there to spoil me because I’m her favourite daughter šŸ˜‚ (I know my sis will be reading this post)!

Today I feel grateful for the year that just made me a little bit older n wiser, very grateful because there is so much and so many reasons to be happy, so many reasons to smile!

So my little wish for the year ahead is to try and be kinder, work harder, worry less, run further, aim higher and love more, a lot more!

Love xx


5 thoughts on “Being spoilt!

  1. Only because it is your birthday I’ll let you believe that you are mom’s favourite daughter šŸ™„ Love you sistie šŸ˜˜ Stay wonderful šŸ˜


  2. Birthdays are all about fun, frolic and appreciating the experiences that just made your more wiser and better as a person in the past year! Looks like you did all of that and were truly spoilt! Once again a very happy birthday Here’s wishing you that you do more things that you love to do :* :*


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