Our story..

I like reading stories!Whether true or not they are all beautiful. I like knowing people and where it began? Where things started, when did ideas become blogs, businesses and dreams come true! Where did we start? How did it start! I like reading stories because they share a part of that person that I learn from, because when it started they had courage, strength, ideas and hope!!!
They didn’t have the world having their back, but they were not alone either because there were ideas that kept them company and they kept going on, carrying on because they believed in themselves!!

I feel fortunate because I have many such people in my life that I look up to and admire and learn from their persistence each day!!

Social media can be both a boon n bane, I choose to always look at the bright side. Everyday I see entrepreneurs emerging, I see women encouraging women! Men being respectful and all this is happening in abundance and around us, so close that it almost touches our lives.I have come to know women from different parts of the world who I have never met but their comments here and likes there keep me smiling.
Having said that things are not always as nice as they seem and people can sometimes be really cold but to them I give a warm smile and hug and move on!x

So like I said I like reading stories because I like to know people’s struggles it gives me faith that mine will end too! And so what if I fail at least I can write a story that I tried!!:)

Snigdha x


6 thoughts on “Our story..

    1. I love reading stories too… N loved reading this story of urs… Very well said u learn from others story and I feel u have described it very well…but where u have said that stories give u faith that urs ll end soon too. But I pray that ur good story keep on going…. 🙂

      Keep writing…


  1. This is so warm and welcoming Snigdha! Seeing this kind of positivity from you only makes me a happy and proud friend! Keep writing. You have me hooked girrrl!! ❤


  2. Wonderful thoughts.. It’s been very joyful to read this and gives me strength too.. to keep laughing and moving 🙂


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