Cheesecake Love

Cheesecake Love

I think that my love for baking and trying different cakes is never going to cease, in fact my husband is now thoroughly bored of my cake-talks and plans, nonetheless he has to listen and eat and ENJOY!! haha

So last few weeks I have been looking to explore an unexplored territory of CHEESECAKES…. When I started looking for cheesecake ideas on the internet I was not only overwhelmed by the number of recipes available but also by the fact that things I thought were simple can be so very complicated to make, so I decided to try and create something that is Simple & Scrumptious and also Suitable for beginners who are not ready to take the big plunge just yet! 🙂

You will need-

250 gms of Digestive Biscuits

100 gm of unsalted Butter

1 tbsp vanilla essence

300 gm of soft cheese

300 ml of double cream

100 gm Icing Sugar

For the Topping:

250 gm fresh strawberries

4 tbsp of strawberry jam

-Let’s make it-

1. To make the base place the biscuits in a plastic food bag and crush to fine crumbs, add melted butter, mix well and press it firmly down on a 23 cm lose bottom cake tin which has a base of baking paper on it and place it in the fridge while you prepare the rest.

2. Whip the cream cheese with the icing sugar and place in a separate bowl, then whip the double cream with vanilla essence until you see soft peaks. Mix the two together.

3. Now spoon the mixture on the biscuit base .

4. Leave to set in the fridge overnight.

5. To serve remove from cake tin, add a layer of strawberry jam and decorate with fresh cut strawberries before serving.

It is a very simple, quick and yummy recipe so when you’ve tried it, leave me a comment 🙂


Snigdha X


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  1. Surottama Ojha
    August 13, 2015 / 5:23 pm

    Good to receive the cheese cake simple recipe Snigdha.Your love for baking should excel more and more and your viewrs should get benefitted to the maximum out of what they receive from you.Lots of good wishes and blessings,

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