Romance with Paris

Romance with Paris

Paris had always been one of my dream destinations. You know the feeling when even the thought of traveling to a city makes you happy and excited!!

We planned our trip to Paris sometime in July this year and it was then that my romance with the city actually started. We got there on the 29th of August and the gorgeous Parisian weather welcomed us with warmth and sunshine.

The metro travel from the airport ( Charles De Gaulle) to the hotel (Porte de Versailles) wasn’t one of my favourites  (runs through the not so beautiful Paris), but the walk from the hotel (and yes we could see the Eiffel Tower from our hotel) to ‘the beauty’ was amazing. The food, people, weather,architecture everything is beautiful in Paris.

First day in Paris we couldn’t have spent without saying hello to the Eiffel , so we took a river cruise and allowed the city to impress us (which it did beyond measures).
In Paris you experience an abundance of small magical moments – street cafes,smell of coffee (and cigarettes-Parisians smoke a lot) and the warm sun, and you can see the Eiffel tower from almost everywhere, it is undoubtedly the heart of Paris.
From the enormous and splendid monument- Arc de Triomphe (honours those who fought for France in the French Revolution) we walked down the Champ Elysees to see those big labels that drive the women in Paris (and around the world) to earn lots of money.  Louis Vuitton, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Cartier, Tiffany’s you name it!!!You can never get enough of them!!
We were in Paris for 4 days and the weather kept surprising us, it just kept getting better. Lush French cakes for breakfast and crisp wines in the evening -one could easily get used to this lifestyle-the city keeps drawing you towards it.
We decided to see the Palace of Versailles  on the third day and its beauty was like nothing I have seen before, its size and grandeur is incredible (Truly the symbol of absolute monarchy).
On our last day in Paris we wandered round the Galleria Lafayette and Notre Dame. Spending money at Lafayette is almost effortless, I could easily spends days in there..

As the plane took off, we kissed Paris a final good bye as we saw the Eiffel tower lit cheerfully in the darkness of the night.

See you soon Paris!!
[29/08/14 to 01/09/14]



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