Strong Views and High heels!

What I’m wearing: Dress: Asos Shoes: River Island Glasses: Pretty Little Thing Bag: Valentino I started blogging in April 2016 and have been slowly growing in knowledge and experience through self criticism, planning and sheer love for what I do. I’ve spiralled through experiences and come across people I have huge admiration for, people who despite work, family and the drama called life are working … Continue reading Strong Views and High heels!

5 Points To Consider While Buying A Designer Handbag

I love clothes, shoes, bags and accessories like every girl does but deep down I am a handbag person, I spend ages browsing through Instagram and Net-a-Porter looking at handbags constantly reminding myself of the boring stuff i.e. the balance I need to strike between what I earn and what I save before spending because I do secretly take after my father who has taught … Continue reading 5 Points To Consider While Buying A Designer Handbag

Be Generous

I tried twirling in this dress to show you how forgiving it is, no matter how many cakes you’ve had or coffees you’ve drunk, it will still compliment you, that’s how generous it is! Under normal circumstances, I don’t suppose this dress would provoke more than a silent gratitude for the dressmaker, but this summer has been everything but normal, for the world, and for … Continue reading Be Generous